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The World According to Mimi Smartypants

   by Mimi Smartypants

    HarperCollins Entertainment
    02 February, 2004


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Reader review(s):

Awesome book, June 15, 2004
I started reading this on her diary online. I am now ordering the book too, so I can have a good read in school. Mimi offers a smart, yet oh-so-funny outlook on life. Everyone should read this book!

Top Notch Grocery Lists Here, February 6, 2005
The history of grocery lists hails back to the ancient Babylonians who would jot down the necessary items on a glistening tablet of clay. Mimi Smartypants has no time for messing about with cuniform inscriptions and records her various grocery needs in smart modern html. This is up to date Chicago purchasing whimsy you get here with handy hints on how to deal with raving lunacy on public transit, thrown in absolutely free of charge. No connoisseur of fine literate grocery lists should consider his or her collection complete without this volume.** Note to readers hoping to see Blues Clues items on these lists: the publishing industry is a slow lumbering dinosaur compared to the frantic caffeine laced world of the blogmonger. Blues Clues Be Tappin It's Narcoleptic Toes in Publisher's Anteroom. (maybe)

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