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Future Prospect: Envisioning EBusiness in 2020

   by Y. Jayachandra / Gita Melkote / Y Jayachandra

    Tata Mcgraw Hill India
    01 March, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Y. Jayachandra is the founder and CEO of Stanford Business Research Foundation, a market research consultancy located at the heart of Silicon Valley. He consults with several Fortune 100 companies in Europe, Japan and North America in high tech business.

G. Melkote is a senior research analyst with Stanford Business Research Foundation since 1985. She is the co-author of Re-Engineering the Networked Enterprise, McGraw-Hill, 1994.

Book Description
Book Description

This book is about the theory and thought behind successful envisioning of e-business in the long term. While it does not offer the ultimate word on this topic, it does offer a starting point for provocative ideas, trends and predictions to make the readers think creatively about their business and future.

The authors draw upon the wealth of ideas and experiences of industry stalwarts from Silicon Valley and institutions from high tech industrial centers around the world including Seattle, Boston, Dallas, Tokyo, Osaka, Zurich, Brussels and Paris. The purpose of this book is to instill certain core values to enable businesses succeed in the digital era.

Reader review(s):

Must Read, March 25, 2003
For every businessperson aspiring to excel and to out-perform, Future Prospect is a must-read. As the authors' far-reaching book delves into major digital network opportunities lurking underneath any business, they provide a clear path to incorporate them into any seemingly simple to complex enterprises whether they are existing incumbents or emerging new-comers. They explain how to plan and how to reinvent your business through new digital technologies and the new economics of knowledge.

Former Vice President, Bank of America, March 23, 2003
Future Prospect provides path breaking insights about formulating winning business strategies - how to conceptualize and think about them, how to develop and deploy them, and how to migrate them into your business. It will accelerate the heartbeat of every business and technology professional committed to reach for mega business status in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

A masterpiece of business planning in the new economy, collecting the best thoughts and practices of the recorded business and technology fields, this book will have an immense impact on the new business and digital technologies. It is a must read for all business and technical professionals. Thomas Wood, former Vice President, Bank of America.

Breakthrough Value, April 3, 2003
Penetrating through the swirling mist of high-tech business scenarios with vision and simplicity, Future Prospect offers the vital tools to configure your business for tomorrow's prospects. It offers executives and analysts with a roadmap and agenda they need to advance their carriers.

Agenda for Planning and Action, September 24, 2003
Future Prospect has served us as an irreplaceable map to chart our ebusiness visions and strategies and to drive our company to be number one.

For Your Future Prospects, May 3, 2003
Future Prospect raises the bar for any professional involved in business performance and development. This book clearly explains the core concepts and strategies underlying in any business and advances the business activities and processes to world-class level. And it provides how-here-and-now you can make enormous impact on your business results.

CEO Agenda to advance your business, April 20, 2003
The first book to explore the impact of ebusiness in any business for any one aspiring to reach world-class status by guiding the readers to the changes that are taking place now, and an intriguing look into the future of business.

Shape of Future, January 28, 2004
Future Prospect provides immense insights on the shape of the future of e-business that will be of great value to technologists and business leaders seeking to understand and take advantage of the mega strategies taking place in the market space. Books like Future Prospect come along too infrequently, but when they do, the power of human creation is unleashed, transforming our business landscape. Future Prospect is the most talked about book in the current era.

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