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Understanding Direct Access Trading: Making the Move from Your Online Broker to Direct Access Trading

   by Rafael Romeu

    12 March, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Walks the reader through the entire E-DAT direct access trading process, showing how to use the Nasdaq level II screen to send trades directly to the electronic trading floors. Also shows how to gain access to professional investment information, and how to watch actual trades taking place. DLC: Electronic trading of securities.

From the Back Cover

Easy-to-Follow Techniques to Reduce Risk­­and Substantially Increase Profits­­Using Powerful E-DAT Strategies and the Nasdaq Level II Trading Screen

Today's financial media are filled with discussions of electronic direct access trading (E-DAT) and the Nasdaq level II trading screen. Yet what has been missing up until now was a straightforward, easy-to-follow analysis of the specifics of E-DAT­­what it is, how it works, and why millions of investors are turning to E-DAT to take true control of their trading fortunes.

Understanding Direct Access Trading walks you through the entire E-DAT process, showing you how to use the Nasdaq level II screen to send your trades directly to the electronic trading floors. Find out how you can use this revolutionary technique to:

The Direct Access Traders Series shows you how to harness the power of today's financial technologies­­whether you make 2 trades per year or 2,000. Other books in the series include:

"There seems to be a persistent doubt among a large segment of the population regarding whether they are missing out on investment opportunities. ... The book addresses the issue of which opportunities are available to investors looking to enter the stock markets and how a new technology called electronic direct access trading sharply increases the range of opportunities."
­­From Chapter 1

Advances in technology, new rules and regulations designed to open markets to all traders, and the increasing sophistication of traders themselves have made electronic direct access trading (E-DAT) an exciting vehicle for investors at every level. But what exactly is E-DAT, and how can you join the millions of investors who are using E-DAT to take control of their trading fortunes?

Understanding Direct Access Trading gives you the fundamental information you need to become a knowledgeable direct access trader. A comprehensive, compelling picture of the opportunities available using today's accessible E-DAT technologies, this hands-on book provides a complete overview of:

Understanding Direct Access Trading removes the mystique from today's financial markets, and explains how investors can use E-DAT to grab trading profits in all types of markets­­up, down, or sideways. More than just another primer on hit-and-miss electronic trading techniques, it is a rich, broad-based, and complete introduction to the world of direct access trading.

About the Author

Rafael Romeu teaches economics and banking at the University of Maryland. In addition to his research on global equity and foreign exchange markets, Romeu is an experienced manager of private sector pension funds.

Book Description
A detailed picture of what electronic direct access trading (E-DAT) means and how individual traders can capitalize on it, Understanding Direct Access Trading explains the fundamental differences between online trading and E-DAT. The book tells traders how and where to get started, and discusses how to adapt current styles of trading to the fast-action E-DAT marketplace. From opening an E-DAT account to obtaining the best possible price on every trade, investors looking to go the next level will want to read this information-packed book.

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