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Wireless Messaging Demystified: SMS, EMS, MMS, IM, and others

   by Donald J. Longueuil

    McGraw-Hill Professional
    23 October, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
With this guide you will be able to understand why wireless messaging is the next communications phenomenon. Great for corporate and individual users alike. Softcover.

From the Back Cover
Wireless Messaging
* It’s “instant messaging” anywhere you go
* For cell phones, PDAs and pagers
* Great for corporate and individual users alike
* Less expensive than phone calls
* A worldwide success story!


A booming worldwide craze—with more than 850 million messages exchanged during one month in the U.K. alone—wireless messaging, like SMS, EMS, and MMS, is now ready to conquer the U.S. market. This guide for telecom professionals tells you what you want to know about wireless messaging without getting mired in technical details. From mobile e-commerce applications, technical and architectural components, and the standards that have made SMS a success abroad, Wireless Messaging Demystified provides the vital details you want.

You must read this book if—
* You want the hows, whys, and wherefores of i-mode’s conquest of Japan and SMS’s triumph around the globe
* You need to know how SMS fits with IM and other emerging wireless messaging technologies
* You want to discover profitable mobile e-commerce applications from automatic meter reading to getting a soda from a vending machine
* You desire details on development, implementation, and rollout of EMS and MMS for the general population and the enterprise
* You require answers on privacy, and how 3G will impact wireless messaging
* You can’t get enough information on the newest trends transforming wireless communications

The easiest way to investigate why wireless messaging is one of the biggest communications successes ever, Wireless Messaging Demystified is the only guide you need to fully understand everything about instant messaging, mobile commerce, and wireless location-based services.

About the Author
Donald Longueuil is a Wireless Analyst for the research and consulting fir, In-Stat, a subsidiary of Reed Elsevier Publications. For almost 4 years, Mr. Longueuil has been an advisor to CEOs, senior management, and investment professionals on global telecommunications issues, identifying and analyzing trends to telecom operators. Mr. Longueuil began his career with The Yankee Group. He has been widely published in leading industry and business periodicals, as well as contributing articles to numerous trade journals.

Colin Matthews, President and CEO of Infomatch, brings more than 20 years of experience in establishing, growing, and managing high-tech companies. Previously a Vice President and Corporate Officer with Sedona Corporation (NASDAQ: SDNA) and President of the firm's software division, Sedona GeoServices, Colin assumed responsibility for turning the company around and positioning it as an Application Service Provider (ASP), serving the Business Intelligence/ERP and information delivery markets.

Geof Wheelwright is a journalist and author with 22 years of experience in covering the telecommunications and high technology sector. He is a regular contributor to the Financial Times, as well as NASDAQ International Magazine and Canada's National Post. In addition, he regularly writes for a number of British and North American trade journals, and provides consulting services.

Book Description
The SMS (Short Message Service) craze has swept Europe and China, and is quickly coming to the U.S.--and U.S. telecom porofessionals need to know about it--and the incredible financial potential it holds.

* Wide-ranging SMS applications from automatic meter-reading to personal messaging to getting a soda from a vending machine
* Development, implementation, and rollout for the general population and the enterprise
* Everything carriers and developers need to assess SMS appeal, uses, integration, and future
* Includes EMS, and open-standards extension of the SMS that supports pictures and sounds

Reader review(s):

Badly written, March 10, 2003
This book was written in a hurry to catch the SMS wave and it stinks from it. Many chapters were written by different people with different styles of writing, some more eloquent than others. Consequenty it makes for bad reading.

It contains numerous inaccuracies and extensive reptition. Clearly nobody did a proper job editing this book in its entirety to create a common style of writing or at a minium, technical and commercial accuracy. Donald J. Longueuil did himself a disservice by putting his name to this.

Each of the authors has their own bias (based upon who they work for) and this comes out clearly in the book. Thiis book esentially becomes a series of sales pitches, rather than a truely independant overview of the SMS/EMS/MMS market.

All in all very disappointing and a complete waste of money.

Demystifying but not thorough., August 10, 2003
I was disappointed that this book included practically nothing on the actual SMSC handshaking and protocols, nor about actual SMS, EMS, or MMS specifications, etc.. The book seems geared very much towards management types who are trying to decide whether or not to implement mobile messaging in their business strategy. The history of SMS and case studies of successful text messaging business implementations get focus. It is not a practical reference for an actual developer and provides next to nothing in technical information.

An excellent book. A must have!, January 22, 2003
It also contains a great deal of useful information on mobile payment services.

Excellent, November 2, 2003
I thought this book was very imformative and helped me understand how I could use my mobile phone in other ways. Certainly the wireless companies do not come anywhere close to properly educating people about other uses for the phone then calling. Thank you.

Very interesting book, November 20, 2002
I have always been intrigued with text messaging, but now I actually understand how it all works. This is an excellent book to learn a lot about wireless networks and all of the nuances of this new type of communications.

Texting is very much demystified for me. I can't wait to try all of the different types of services and capabilities that there is out there.

Well worth the money.

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