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Wi-Fi Handbook : Building 802.11b Wireless Networks

   by Frank Ohrtman / Konrad Roeder

    McGraw-Hill Professional
    10 April, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

From the Back Cover
MASTER 802.11

Detailing the design and deployment of 802.11b networks in every flavor and size, this working handbook delivers the hands-on expertise you need -- complete with illustrative case studies. From one-cell home systems to global provider networks, Wi-Fi Handbook provides the A-Z facts, details, tips, and strategies you need to handle the job.

This comprehensive Wi-Fi Handbook covers all current technologies, not just a single solution. You’ll find it invaluable for:
* Scaling up Wi-Fi networks
* Solving vexing problems in regulatory, security, and economic areas
* Comparing case studies to find solutions for specific applications

This comprehensive Wi-Fi Handbook covers all current technologies, not just a single solution. You'll find it invaluable for:

* Basic Wi-Fi architecture, from client cards and access points on up
* Technical issues, from RF to WEP
* Wi-Fi deployments in large buildings, campuses, and public spaces
* 802.11b networks in healthcare settings, industry, and military installations
* Upside and downside—both benefits and drawbacks
* Wi-Fi and 3G applications
* Fallacy of line-of-sight limitations
* Great QoS, bandwidth, and security
* Wi-Fi’s future


About the Author
Franklin D. Ohrtman has 20 years experience in professional networking, including high-security installations for industry and the military (U.S. Navy). A former Account Manager at Lucent Technologies, Netrix and Vsys, he is most recently the author Softswitch: Architecture for VoIP. He has a master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Colorado University. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

Konrad Roeder has over 20 years experience with various technologies such as Wi-Fi, GSM, Cellular, SMR, VoIP and ISDN. Konrad has a BS in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico and an MS in Computer Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. He has 3 patents issued and 3 patents pending. He currently works at T-Mobile on the 802.11 project deploying Wi-Fi in Airports and Airline Clubs. Mr. Roeder lives in Seattle, Washington.

Reader review(s):

This book covers the tough topics!, May 21, 2003
Complaints or concerns against the 802.11 family of networking standards can usually be broken down to quality of service (QoS), security and range of service and bandwidth. The authors of this great book tackle these subjects head on and show you how this is not the case and how they can be over come. In this book, each is highlighted independently (after a good overview of 802.11) and the information presented there is wonderful. They wrap everything up with some real life scenarios that are also worth a detailed read. If you are in the business of setting up WLANs in a corporate environment, then you will want this book to occupy a place on your reference shelf. But more importantly, if you are on the technical sales side of the house, this book could be a real life saver and deal closer for you. Highly recommended!

It definitely earns its five stars, October 4, 2003
I recently bought this book after I borrowed it from my local library. I tried to find it a second time, and it's always checked-out in all four branches of our library system. The call number is 004.678 OHR. Out of all the 802.11 books, this is one that is the most packed with the real information you need to install an 802.11 network - antenna theory, how to do site surveys, how networks connect together, how to do an as-built. The book also describes how to debunk and overcome the perceived barriers that keep people from using wireless - security, interference, regulatory issues... If I was to recommend one single book on 802.11 to anyone, this would be the one. It definitely earns its five stars.

This book fills in all the gaps!, September 7, 2003
I just got the book recently from Amazon. I was really impressed. I love it. I got just the right and meticulous amount of detail I was expecting compared to other books I've read on the subject. What was really great about this book was all the real-life scenarios which were taken up in detail as compared to other "theoretical" publications. The people who wrote this book really seem to know what WiFi is all about. I would really recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to deploy WiFi networks quickly. Its a great book from both the technical and business perspective.

Best book for the money about 802.11x, August 8, 2004
I purchased this book for a good in-depth overview on the 802.11x protcol. It went above and beyond my expectations. Clearly explained topics and well written chapters come together for one of the best technical books I have read to date. Excellent coverage of the RF properties of 802.11x.Covers all the areas one must consider if building a WLAN, WWAN, or WMAN. This book really opened my eyes to the potential of wi-fi and its applications, I especially appreciated the authors inclusion of various economic aspects in the book. i.e potential for profit in WISP industry, and cost/efficiency analysis of wired VS. wireless networks.

Good book for Wi-Fi Salesmen, June 3, 2003
It's a good book for the Computer Salesman trying to understand Wi-Fi. The best part is that it shows how to overcome buying objections and shows how installing Wi-Fi in a home or small business can be just as safe as a wired installation at the same cost (or less). *****

This is THE book for the 802.11 implementer..., May 8, 2003
This book does a fantastic job detailing how to design and deploy 802.11 networks. It covers everything from small networks in a home to large networks in schools, RF to networking. ...Applications from audio through video. This book is a must for a good 802.11 library or someone with networking knowledge interested in understanding wireless LAN.

An Easy Way to Understand WiFi, December 16, 2003
I checked it out at the library to get a better understanding of the WiFi technologies and how they can be deployed. As a new marketing executive for a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), I found the information easy to comprehend with enough depth to allow a non-technical person like myself to actively participate in highly-technical meetings. I immediately added it to my Christmas wish list.

Get this book, October 21, 2004
I have never wrote a review before but had to with this book. Of the 3 wi fi books I bought here, this one stood apart from the others. Especaily if you are looking to scale up from 1 or 2 user networks.

Everything You Would Want to Know About 802.11, June 16, 2003
This is a great book of the ABCs of understanding Wi-Fi for everyone. It walks you through all the scenerios you would need to know to talk the talk!

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