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Lynn Kyle's Macromedia Flash Training Course: A Digital Seminar on CD-ROM

   by Lynn Kyle

    Prentice Hall
    15 October, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Covers essential and advanced Flash 5 techniques. Gain powerful insight into Flash 5 through nearly 5 hours of digital video from top author Lynn Kyle. Softcover. Boxed set.

From the Back Cover

Start creating great Flash sites and content right now!

Includes Electronic Copy of World's #1 "Learn by Doing" Flash 5 Book, Lynn Kyle's Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals, Plus Bonus 140-Page Printed Course Workbook!

System Requirements

For Windows
300 MHz processor or higher
Windows 95/98/NT/4.0x
For Macintosh
PowerPC 300 MHz processor higher
System 8.0 or above

Hardware Requirements

32 MB disk space/64 MB RAM
12x CD-ROM drive and sound card support
QuickTime 4.1 (included)
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (included)

Total Running Time

Nearly 5 Hours


Flash is today's #1 tool for designing exciting, interactive Web sites and applications. Master it, hands-on, right now, with Lynn Kyle's Flash Training Course! You'll build a complete Flash site from scratch, mastering Flash through over 140 digital videos that show you exactly what to do, step-by-step. Leading Web designer Lynn Kyle introduces key Flash skills and techniques, from the basics to sophisticated Flash animation and effects. Your CD-ROM contains nearly five hours of live instruction, plus all the graphics and source files you'll need! You also get an exclusive printed workbook you can use to follow the entire course, plus a bonus Flash resource center full of additional readings, great Flash Web links, and a complete electronic copy of Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals, a fully-integrated Flash 5 book that'll give you even more real-world practice!


Gain powerful insight into Flash 5 through nearly 5 hours of digital video from top author Lynn Kyle -- including 140 live demonstrations of key Flash techniques!

Covers essential and advanced Flash 5 techniques! Practical coverage includes drawing, text, shapes, animation, symbols, navigation, sound effects, publishing, preloading -- plus advanced animation and effects!

Find the information you need fast! Integrated eBook Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals provides you with "one-click" access to all of the details you need.

Test your Flash 5 expertise with challenging self-assessment questions -- and fill the gaps in your knowledge, fast!

Includes the best-selling Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals in searchable electronic format!

Get the world's #1 book for Web professionals who want to learn Flash hands-on!

You get a complete electronic copy of Lynn Kyle's best-selling Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals! This fully-integrated, book-length Flash course complements Lynn Kyle's digital video instruction perfectly. You'll find outstanding guidance on key Flash techniques, from animation through navigation, opening sequences through MP3 support!

Bonus! Complete 140-page workbook containing all of Lynn Kyle's Flash 5 presentation slides -- perfect for following along with the course from start to finish!

Raves from real Web developers for Lynn Kyle's book Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals!

"I have read your Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals and was absolutely captured by your descriptions and the way in which all tasks were described and presented. I have read other books revolving around this product, and this is b y far the best."

--Peter Barnes

Learn all this, and more...


A perfect complement for anyone who's already read Lynn Kyle's best-selling Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals!

About the Author

Lynn Kyle has been a Web professional since 1992. Currently an Interactive Advertising Engineer for Yahoo, she has served as Webmaster for Palm, Inc. Kyle's Web design clients have included include Lloyd's of London, Pfizer, and DeBeers. Her Web design work has been in honored by PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites and Point.Com's Top 5% of the Web. She is author of Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals, one of the world's most popular books on Flash 5.

Reader review(s):

excellent tool for learning flash 5, January 14, 2002
After spending the weekend going through this course, I can say that I've learned more flash skills than I have using books over the course of months. Kyle's course presents the material, from basic to fairly advanced, in very clear fashion; you watch a movie version of the flash interface, and see the cursor move through it; the quicktime movies let you see exactly what she's doing while you listen to her narrate her moves every step of the way. (You even see her make the odd mistake, which she then shows you how to undo.) Her approach to workflow (which she hardly mentions but nevertheless constantly exemplifies) is a really valuable aspect of the course.

I was immediately able to make a couple of my own reasonably complex flash spots and felt very confident doing so; previously I've had to constantly refer to books, and made lots of frustrating mistakes as I went along. I now feel able to actually utilize the various tools and techniques taught by Kyle, and to go beyond the specifics of the course to do my own work. I'm also in a position to understand some of the more complex stuff in other books I own, and put it to use.

Two recommendations: I'd suggest copying the entire CD-Rom to your hard drive, and running set-up from there; this avoids having to run the course from your CD-Rom drive, which may slow down the quicktime presentations. Second, I went through the entire course once just watching and listening, and then again while doing all the exercises; I think this made the process more effective.

The 140 page workbook described in the publisher's review does not come with the course; the workbook you get is just a brief outline of each lesson with lots of blank space for your notes. But it doesn't matter: Kyle's presentation is very effective, and the online text that is included is a valuable, well-written resource. This was a very worthwhile investment and I'm glad I made it.

pretty solid.. mostly for workflow, May 9, 2002
i had some familiarity with flash b4 purchasing this.. like what can be done with each panel, as well as knowing exactly which menu would contain a certain task option.

the strength of this cd-rom training is in the workflow experience you'll get. it may seem slightly complex at first, but eventually you'll learn to grasp the point.

the weakness of this cd is that despite the fact that i'm not a flash expert, during many of her executed sequences, even i knew she didn't seem to know what she was doing at times(a sign that when they made this quicktime video recording, it wasn't planned out or practiced). What I mean by this is that she sometimes confuses you as towards what she's trying to do b/c she at times goes in circles, leaving you wondering .. "why didn't she just do that?"

You can remedy this flaw by looking at the final product .FLA file(what you're ultimately trying to create) for each chapter b4 beginning each sub exercise. Then you won't be as confused.

let me add that this training cd will not help you master flash.
there's really no short cut. mastery can come only with practice and experience.... obviously you can't control time. you should also consider foundation flash 5 as the main learning material; this being the supplement.

i would have given this 4 stars, but considering that it's a good value, i gave it five. I mean, those LYNDA.COM cds are exorbitantly priced and not any better. And I won't mention the instructor's name, I found LEARNING ILLUSTRATOR 9 somewhat difficult to follow, b/c the dude had an accent... ^_^

I never write reviews but I had to after using this course., January 17, 2002
This is the best training course, I own tons of Flash books and it is so hard to follow the reading. What a brillant idea to put a Flash course into a hands on CD. I signed up for a training course at my local comunity college and happened to stumble across this training cd before I started my class. Well I have to say I cancelled my class this Seminar is great for beginners and advanced Flash designers. Lynn does go through some parts of the material quickly but it is nice that you can pause and reverse. I recommend this Seminar for everyone.

Dissapointed, May 3, 2002
If you have zero knowledge in flash then this book is o.k fo you.I learned most with free online tutorials;I was expecting more on this item. And they mentioned ":Paperback: 250 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 2.78 x 9.62 x 7.36
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR; ISBN: ; 1st edition (October 15, 2001)". But I haven't receive any of this book,received only 58 pages course work book that only to use for writing notes for each lecture. I am returning this item. I decided not to buy any books in online and any kind of cd trainig courses.

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