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Internet & World Wide Web How to Program (3rd Edition) (How to Program)

   by Harvey M. Deitel / Paul J. Deitel / Andrew B. Goldberg

    Prentice Hall
    24 November, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description

The goal of Deitel & Associates, Inc.'s Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 3/e is to introduce readers with little or no programming experience to the exciting world of Web-based applications. This comprehensive book with accompanying CD-ROM teaches the fundamentals needed to program on the Internet. Readers will be well-prepared to build real-world, industrial-strength, Web-based applications. In-depth coverage of introductory programming principles, various markup languages (XHTML, Dynamic HTML and XML), several scripting languages (JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, Python, PHP, ColdFusion, and FlashActionScript), Web servers (IIS and Apache), and relational databases (MySQL) provide all the skills and tools needed to create dynamic Web-based applications. This new edition contains chapters on Macromedia ColdFusion, a leading server-side scripting software package, and Macromedia Dreamweaver, a powerful WYSIWYG editor and Web application creation tool. Hundreds of LIVE-CODE examples (i.e., complete, working programs) of real applications throughout the book and on the accompanying CD allow readers to run the applications and see and hear the outputs. Readers learn to incorporate multimedia into Web pages and Web-based applications to enhance their presentations. Chapters on e-Business and Accessibility for people with disabilities expose readers to a wide range of other topics. For Internet and Web-based computer programmers, and others in organizations and businesses who need to develop their own Websites and pages.

Reader review(s):

Deitel Considered Dangerous, October 15, 2004
I was unfortunately subjected to the second edition of this book during my graduate studies at DTU. In my opinion there's only one good thing to say about this book, and that is that it's the only book I've seen where you get a comprehensive introduction to all of the techniques for developing and serving web-pages. Unfortunately, the authors are living in a Miocrosoft Internet Explorer only world, which especially is reflected in their chapters on (x)html and javascript. Problem is, no version of IE is actually capable of understanding xhtml, so what you are in fact taught is xhtml 1.0 served as text/html which is treated as hmtl 4.01 in all browsers. Even worse, the third edition has rewritten all the examples in xhmtl 1.1 which *should*not* be served as text/html. Even worse, the xhtml examples given will trigger an error in IE 6 that will get IE 6 to behave as IE 5.5 in quirks mode - inclusive the css box model error. As to the javascript examples, the book isn't teaching you the w3c DOM but only the IE DOM, thus all examples using eg document.all will possibly fail in some browsers. And document.write isn't allowed if you are serving your pages as application/xhmtl+xml. I'm considering this book dangerous because it doesn't teach you how to code according to the w3c standards but only according to the 'Microsoft standard'

Excellent WWW Programming book, May 11, 2004
This is the best book out there on Web programming. The concise, well-written sentences really bring the concepts to life. I especially enjoyed the section on Javascript.

Just what I was looking for, September 21, 2004
This book is an excellent book for beginners and for people who want to improve their programming skills. The chapters are well explained and the exercises make sure that you understand the chapter before moving ahead.

Not only has this book helped me, but I had contacted the authors with different questions when I got stuck and they were very helpful.

This book is well worth it!!!!

Internet and World Wide Web: How to program. 3rd edition, August 5, 2004
I am entirely happy with my purchase of Internet and World Wide Web: How to Program 3rd edition. The people at Deitel have done a spectacular job of explaining JavaScript. It the most comprehensive and complete explanation I have yet to come across. In addition, they have proven themselves to provide phenomenal product support.

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