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Internet Marketplaces: The Law of Auctions and Exchanges Online

   by Christina Ramberg / Christopher Kuner

    Oxford University Press
    01 June, 2003


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Reader review(s):

An operator's manual for an auction or exchange, December 9, 2004
When you think of Internet auctions, eBay springs to mind. But it is only one of many auction sites. And then there are the b2b exchanges, usually confined to specific industries. Ramburg studies both types of entities, placing their legal frameworks in the context of existing traditional auctions and exchanges. The perspectives in the book are predominantly European, with an emphasis on Britain.

She furnishes a useful taxonomy of auctions - English, Dutch, Japanese, sealed bid... You are undoubtedly familiar with the English type, but the others may be new to you.

The book goes over the many details about what can go wrong online. Like different interpretations of sale conditions and membership terms. Or being able to cancel bids and what constitutes "unintentional" mistakes and how to undo these.

If you are pondering operating a new online auction or exchange, you would do well to carefully look over the many details in this book. On a de facto basis, it can be a vital operator's manual.

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