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ASP.NET Solutions - 23 Case Studies: Best Practices for Developers

   by Rick Leinecker

    Addison-Wesley Professional
    26 September, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Guide provides real-world solutions, design patterns, and best practices using the .NET framework and C# and VB .NET languages. Softcover. DLC: Active server pages.

From the Back Cover

Many developers are already familiar with the basics of ASP.NET and have been impressed with its potential to ease the creation of Web applications. However, few resources exist for those looking to translate their knowledge of ASP.NET into tailored solutions for actual challenges developers face on a daily basis.

Enter ASP.NET Solutions--23 Case Studies, the authoritative guide for real-world solutions, design patterns, and best practices using the .NET framework and C# and VB .NET languages. Honed through training programs for seasoned developers, the book's case studies demonstrate how to build more than twenty different applications using various aspects of ASP.NET. Each chapter builds on those that came before, allowing readers to advance their programming skills by applying the technology to increasingly complex projects.

The applications in this book can save developers time and money by providing the foundation for applications such as:

A companion Web site, provides working source code that can easily be modified to meet your specific needs. The site also offers demos, additional solutions, and a forum where readers can pose questions and swap tips.

Developers are hungry to realize the full potential of the ASP.NET platform. ASP.NET Solutions--23 Case Studies moves beyond concepts to provide expertise gained in the trenches to help readers find effective solutions to common problems.


About the Author

Rick Leinecker is a veteran software developer who has written commercial software such as Perfect Checkmate and Bicycle Bridge. He has held a number of lead positions in major corporations, including senior software engineer in MCI's digital imaging division and senior software engineer at Landmark Communications. Rick has written numerous articles for magazines and Web sites such as
and He is also the author of Special Edition Using ASP.NET (Que, 2002) and The Visual C++ Bible (Hungry Minds, 1998).


Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

I've been teaching ASP.NET for more than two years and things have changed. It's not just the course material that's changed, but more importantly it's the ability of my students to be extremely productive. They can create enterprise applications in a fraction of the time it used to take. Many of my students are seasoned Web developers who work for Fortune 1000 companies. They have taken what they've learned back to the workplace, and saved their employers thousands of dollars. And the savings have been possible because the cost of developing enterprise applications with ASP.NET is so much lower. That's because ASP.NET gives developers so much of the plumbing that they used to have to write themselves, such as Web services, XML rendering, and remoting.

This book should not be the first book on ASP.NET development that you read. While there is a fair amount of teaching throughout, it assumes that you know the basics of Web development using ASP.NET. This book is full of solutions that can be easily added to your Web site. The solutions also show you lots of recommended practices. Learning these recommended practices is the next step past learning the basics of ASP.NET that you need. It's kind of like once you've learned to spell and write sentences, you can correctly learn to craft coherent prose. This book teaches you how to tie all of the ASP.NET pieces together. It teaches you how to get the most out of the ASP.NET platform.

Many of the applications in this book would cost you significant dollars if you purchased them. Examples of this are the Forum application, the Classifieds application, and the Graphing class. As a developer, I often look for applications and classes that I can use. Finding these cuts my cost of development significantly since I don't have to write them myself. And even if you do have to modify these applications to suit your needs, they give you a starting point that'll still save you lots of time.

I have a Web site so that you can see the applications. The Web site is at
Besides giving you the opportunity to see the applications in action, this Web site offers updates. If for some reason I find bugs or make modifications, I'll post them on the Web site. There's a forum on the Web site, too, where you can ask questions and make comments.

You can also contact me directly v" e-mail at I can usually answer your questions within several days. There are times, though, when I'm in the final stages of a project when it might take me as long as a week to answer your e-mail. Be patient and I'll respond as soon as possible. I also welcome questions that go beyond the material in the book--if you have a related question in your own development, please ask and I'll try to get you an answer.


Reader review(s):

Very good book!, October 20, 2003
One thing I love about case study books is how they help you take your skills to the next level. Sometimes applying your skills in more advanced ways is a struggle. This book has helped me do just this in a few chapters.

While not every case study will hit the "nail on the head" for your current need, I think that there is something here for everyone.

It's certainly been beneficial to me.

Justin B.

Good working code for the developer on the run, November 29, 2003
This book is one of the few books that is reminiscent of the many titles that were published in the glory days of ASP Classic, being "plug and play" books that had independent bits of code you could rip and start working with immediately. I'll admit that I hadn't heard of Rick Leinecker before this book came out, but I'm a big fan now.

While the title's main draw is to give a developer a series of diverse applications, it presents the information in a way in which many of us admittedly still program - on a per-script level, without all being tied into one major application. The code is documented nicely and explained well.

Also, examples like the Microsoft ASP.NET Forums and dynamic charting script author Leinecker use a more enterprise approach, each being component-driven sub-applications.

While the book's subtitle denotes "best practices" (which is somewhat argumentative when dissecting the code and methodologies used), it is a quick read, with lots of helpful info. And it does a great job of doing what it says - giving a developer quick, easy access to 23 different types of applications with which to deploy in web environments.

The SpeechVB application was also a neat addition.

So if you're looking for a title that just gives you a jumpstart on getting working code, grab this book.

Returned the book, November 26, 2003
The examples that can be downloaded are a disaster.
The examples in each chapter have to be downloaded separately.
Most of the examples require a separate log in to run them and in some cases the log on is not accepted. When you finally get logged in you may end up with a "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected..."
The code just does not exist for many of the examples, e.g. chapter 20 (dead link), chapter 15 (no code is available).

The book was returned the next day!

Looking for a book with good examples? Not this one, May 31, 2004
I'm about half way through this book and its poor. The idea is good but the examples are full of security holes and the companion website still has "coming soon" messages for some of the source code.Some examples are supposed to be written in C# but switch to VB half way through. These are not best practices. It appears the author cares more about getting the next version out than supporting this version. DONT BUY THIS BOOK.

Website Improved, May 11, 2004
I just wanted to comment because I noticed this book being knocked for not having complete source code and for having missing links on the website. The problems seem to have been rectified. Thumbing through the book for over an hour at the bookstore gave me the strong impression that this is a very good book to aid any self taught programmer in improving their techniques, following better practices than they may have developed on their own and/or through clipping ideas off the internet. It also seems to include many/most of the types if things that a real-world web programmer would want to know how to accomplish.

Something for Everyone but a number of holes, May 6, 2004
I was a 10+ year Windows programmer w/ fairly minimal Web development. This book suited me well in some ways and poorly in others.

As the name implies, each chapter jumps right into a situation and most do a pretty good job of stepping through topical pieces of technology then tying it all together into a small application. There were a few chapters in particular that gave me an immediate jump into a real-world function I needed. For that reason alone, it was probably worth the purchase.

The topics covered are fairly broad. I, personally, found myself not seeing much use for some chapters but think that many would feel differently.

The language of choice alternates every other chapter between C# and VB, with the earlier sections discussing snippets in both, but the main application at the end is only covered in one. This makes it harder to follow if you're only focused on one.

The biggest problem is that the source code is generally only snippets in the chapters and not available on the website in many cases. Having gone to print nearly a year ago, it is very frustrating to still find the same "source code coming soon" placeholders for roughly 1/3 of the chapters. This made many of the chapters all but unusable to me.

Overall, the approach is more real world than most books, and the techniques can give interesting ideas or even be put into the site you're working on as you read, but without the source code, much of the book goes to waste. Check the book's site ( before you buy!

Worst book, September 23, 2004
I bought this book thinking that the case study will help to learn more but at several place there are errors in the code. On top of that you can not down load the code from web to check and correct your code. Sent several emails to author but no reply. DO NOT BUY this book

Best for classic ASP developers, July 21, 2004
This a great book for transitioning knowledge without a drastic paradigm shift, as it doesn't rely heavily on data binding. (not like EVERY other ASP.NET & ADO.NET book I've picked up.) Great alternatives presented (and performance-wise, they probably run more efficiently). Also a great learn-by-doing book, instead of a language reference. Made the connection for me.

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