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Internet Marketing in Real Estate

   by Barbara Cox / William Koelzer

    South-Western Educational Pub
    01 April, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Provides all of the techniques, strategies, and tactics necessary for real estate professionals and students to begin conducting effective webmarketing. Softcover. DLC: Real estate business--Marketing. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Book Description
Based on an empirical body of tried and proven methods, this business-oriented guide taps into the Internet. In one easy-to-follow handbook, it includes all of the techniques, strategies, and tactics necessary for effective Web marketing. Examining the sales advantages offered on the Internet today, it discusses an agents Web success on his/her site, and on other Web sites (e.g., search engines, Web portals, MLS search sites and directories people routinely use for data-location). The content emphasizes sound marketing planning and budgeting and provides the tools to do that planning. Alive with real-world graphics and Web pages, it motivates readers to get actively involved with the Internet.

Reader review(s):

Top Notch Book, June 29, 2000
"Internet Marketing in Real Estate" is extremely easy to read, and easy to follow. This book's take on marketing is a must for every Realtor and Broker out there. What makes the difference between a successful Realtor and a someone who wants to be is the ability to market themselves online and off. Barbara Cox and Bill Koelzer walk you through the process completely, and with real-world examples and helpful tips that actually work.

Working with Realtors everyday, I am always asked questions about how to drive more traffic to their web site, how to market their site more efficiently, and how to maximize the effects of that traffic. After seeing all the helpful hints this book has to give, I know what to tell them... Read this book! This book can double your income and make you a successful Realtor in no time. It points out the obvious marketing tips and gently guides you in the direction of success.

I highly recommend "Internet Marketing in Real Estate". Read it today!

Attention Realtors, Buy This Book:, August 18, 2000
Attention Realtors, Buy This Book: "Internet Marketing in Real Estate," by Barbara Cox and William Koelzer. Don't just buy it, read it. It could help your business immensely. It also could help you overcome your apprehension about all that World Wide Web mumbo-jumbo.

Finally, it could help to free you from the intimidation of all those salespersons clad in guru's clothing who conduct seminars and office meetings, touting the latest product or service that is claimed to be "essential" for your survival in the wild-and-wooly world of real estate in cyberspace.

It has been my good fortune to have an early look at this book published by Prentice-Hall. The authors, not real estate practitioners themselves, are both spouses of web-enhanced Realtors in South Orange County.

They know whereof they speak, as both are active providers of Internet related services to Realtors, and they have both had the combat photographer's up-close view of real estate in the trenches. Their target audience will find the book both practical and appropriately written.

"Internet Marketing in Real Estate" consists of five parts:

"Creating and Building Your Internet Presence: Your Web Site"

"Getting Found" (the all-important section)

"Effective E-mail"

"Time to Get Started" (developing tasks, time-lines, and a budget)


No technical expertise is presumed on the part of the reader. Each part that deals with Internet and marketing related concepts begins with a friendly "learning the language" section. A great deal of effort is made to explain to the reader, in plain language aided with illustrations, how things work in the initially mysterious world of Web sites, search engines, keywords, and meta-tags.

Textbook-like, "Internet Marketing in Real Estate" starts its sections with "the basics" and then develops the concepts that have been introduced. Sections end with exercises that encourage the reader to put his/her new knowledge to work.

The book also integrates related topics that are not Internet specific. Chapter 1 of Part 1 could be titled "Real Estate Marketing 101." It is important toward understanding Internet marketing concepts but that is because it is basic to marketing per se. Parts of the effective e-mail" section are straight out of basic composition. They are highly relevant.

"Internet Marketing in Real Estate" doesn't deal with all the issues that bear discussing. No book does. For example, the authors do not engage the serious questions that can be asked vis-�-vis the relative effectiveness of dollars and time spent on Internet marketing as opposed to other kinds of marketing. That is not their purpose.

When confronted with a new marketing medium, a businessperson (real estate or otherwise) must always ask the question, "If I adopt this, what will I stop doing that I am doing now?" (If the task - or the dollars - represents an addition to present efforts, rather than a replacement, then presumably it replaces something we were doing or spending in our non-business lives.)

To the credit of Cox and Koelzer, they present with great clarity the tasks and range of costs associated with various levels of involvement in Internet marketing. They provide the real estate businessperson with the information that will enable him or her to make an informed decision about this medium.

For those who have already decided that they want to make an effort at Internet marketing, the Cox and Koelzer book will provide an invaluable tool. Even the sales-focused agent who leaves the details to his marketing people and technical assistants will want this book - to give to them to read.

A Must Have!!!, July 8, 2000
This book is a necessity for any Real Estate agent who wishes to keep up with the new millennium of home buying. As a recent buyer, the first place I went to was not the paper, a flyer, or the road - it was the Internet. This book will take the reader step by step through the ins and outs of Internet marketing. It not only provides the necessary information to establish a web presence, it gives detailed instructions on how to maintain that presence and make it flourish. I found the book extremely easy to understand and felt educated enough after reading it to take action. I would highly recommend this to every Realtor! This book will help you to get a technological edge above the rest!

I've read it and I like it, June 21, 2000
The book begins with a basic primer about the internet, who uses it, and how it has affected real estate buying and selling. This part is great for the real estate professional not yet involved in the web.

But then it gets to what a lot of agents want to know. How do you build a web site, who do you get to design it, how do you get found on the web? Lots of great stuff like that.

One reason it is important to read is because it teaches you that you can't just put up a web site and stop there. There are keys to becoming a successful internet agent, and dealing with internet leads is different than dealing with up-calls or ad responses.

I recommend the book for every real estate professional on the web and those who are just thinking about it. As someone I know once said, "the web is here to stay."

Buy the book and read it. It will help.

Internet Marketing, August 13, 2000
I am a Realtor in South Florida who has just taken my buisness online.I was interrested in doing some reading on the subject and read many,many book reviews.I have to tell you I ordered this book"Internet Marketing in Real Estate"this book is unbelievable not only are they insightfull but they give you the address's to the sites with the information that they are discussing.If you you are even thinking about bringing your buisness into the year 2000 this book is a must have!Laura Pearlman

Worth it's weight in gold!, July 6, 2000
If you have a web site or are thinking of owning one, you NEED a copy of this book. It is the most comprehensive book on Internet marketing I have ever seen and answers nearly every question you could have about how to promote yourself successfully online. If you're like me, I suspect that you have very little time to devote to figuring the Internet out on your own. "Internet Marketing in Real Estate" is a complete guideline on how to integrate the Internet into your business easily, Internet saavy or not. Highly recommended.

an agents unfair competitive advantage, July 6, 2000
"internet marketing in real estate" This book is one of the most important things a realtor can read for there own e-marketing strategy. the power of the internet has changed the way that people look for information and there buying strategys have changed accordingly; this book will give you the inside look at how to be the most successful on-line agent possible. "believe the future of marketing on the internet it`s already here"

Excellent Pick for any Realtor, July 21, 2000
Internet Marketing in Real Estate is an enlightening and fascinating look into the new realm of "Internet Marketing." Because of this book, I found that what I was doing on the internet was all wrong. It gave me the guidiance I needed to create new sales and generate leads in my market. This is a must for any Realtor looking to market themselves on the internet.

Strongly Recommend this Powerful Internet Marketing Guide!, June 29, 2000
For a REALTOR who is either thinking about a website, or already has one, this book is a MUST. Not only is it laid out with practical solutions for the "real world" (with a glossary, website samples and costs) it is up-to-date, and offers advice on how to tap into the POWER of the Internet as a marketing tool.

The book gives advice on the "whys" and "hows" and even "how much" of the internet, including how do you build a web site, who can design it, how do people FIND you on the internet, how much will it cost, and more! Internet Marketing for Real Estate is a practical guide that REALTORS will want to keep handy as a reference for years to come.

Any REALTOR who is not on the Internet is not making a commitment to their profession. This book makes it easy to get started, and establish a winning presence on the Internet.

For $19.33, you can't lose with this one!

A Real Estate Must Read!, July 21, 2000
This book contains more information then your mind can handle! It is filled with knowledgeable facts and information all pertaining to Real Estate and the Internet. If you are interested in learning about how to get involved in real estate and how the Internet can be beneficial then this book is for you!

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