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The Internet for Radiology Practice

   by Amit Mehta

    08 October, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. Comprehensive text includes instructions on the purchase of computers, navigation of the Internet, teaching files, teleradiology, voice recognition, electronic patient care systems, an extensive catalog of radiology web sites, and resources. Also contains a glossary of Internet terms. For radiology professionals. Softcover.

Book Description
The Internet has proven to be a great resource for the medical community. It has specifically had a great impact on the practice of Radiology. It has enabled the proliferation, installation, and acceptance of adjunct technologies such as Picture Archiving (PACS), electronic medical record (EMR) and Voice Recognition (VR). The number of radiology-specific web sites just 5 years ago was about 30. A recent compilation now numbers in the thousands. Each day brings a new use for the Internet both from the academic aspect as well as commercial applications. Computer technology and the Internet have revolutionized the way radiologists work on a daily basis. All aspects of the Internet and related technologies are explained in the book.

Reader review(s):

Great little book, November 14, 2002
I bought this book more for the price than anything else, but was very pleasantly surprised with the content. It covers everything I needed. Now that our practice is becoming more 'online' as the pundits say, all of our MDs are requried to have an understanding of the internet. This little book allowed all of us to get online, understand what we were doing and get the information that our patient's have access to! Thanks!

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