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The Internet, Organizational Change and Labor: The Challenge of Virtualization

   by David Jacobs / Joel Samuel Yudken

    01 July, 2003


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Book Info
Text examines what is happening to jobs, organizations, and unions in the age of the Internet; revealing the opportunities and dangers for workers in the digital age. Hardcover, softcover available. DLC: Labor supply--Effect of automation on.

Book Description
The focus of The Internet, Social Intelligence & Labor is the impact of the Internet on human resources and the balance of power between labor and management. The Internet has contributed to the organization and mobilization of workers facing multinational corporations; it has permitted instantaneous contact across borders; it also facilitates communication among managers and permits the coordination of dispersed workplaces. Managers may more easily control an international network of production sites on-line. The Internet provides opportunities for managers and workers to pursue their overlapping and conflicting goals.
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