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Michael Allen's Guide to E-Learning

   by Michael W. Allen / Michael Allen

    27 November, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
A how-to book for both instructional designers and executives responsible for corporate e-learning programs. Softcover.

Back Cover Copy
As an international speaker and consultant to virtually every business sector over his more than thirty-five years of research and development in technology-based instruction, Michael Allen now speaks out about his frustrations with e-learning and brings fundamental issues to light. He shares specific, commonsense guidelines that reliably produce effective and practical learning solutions. From his pioneering work on learning management systems, to authoring systems, and now on instructional design, experts and buyers alike follow his leadership and respect his opinion:

"Every subject area has its bible. This is it for e-learning. This is the how-to book for both instructional designers and executives responsible for corporate e-learning programs. Especially well done and unique to this book are the chapters on learner motivation and how effective instructional interactivities are created. The bottom line, from our experience working with Michael Allen and his team, is the methods and principles defined in this book work-and work well."
-Mike Groszko, Manager, DaimlerChrysler Quality Institute

"Michael Allen has done it all. He has designed and developed huge amounts of effective e-learning. He has built several very successful businesses providing programs to sophisticated clients. He has managed development. He personally led the creation of Authorware, the benchmark authoring system used throughout the world. He has lectured. He has written. He has taught. His opinions and perspective are sought by many. But mostly, he thinks. And the results of that thinking are to the benefit of us all. I am glad he wrote down what he thinks."
- Gloria Gery, Gery Associates

About the Author
MICHAEL W. ALLEN is a recognized pioneer and leader in the design of interactive multimedia learning tools and applications. He is the founder and former chairman of Authorware, Inc. (now Macromedia, Inc.). He is currently Chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions Inc., which builds interactive learning systems, develops custom courseware, and provides multimedia consulting and training.

Book Description
An industry leader speaks out against boring, ineffective, costly e-learning and provides practical guidelines for creation of powerful, e-learning-based performance solutions.
e-Learning is emerging rapidly in schools, businesses, and at home. Millions are being invested in this new, widely available technology purported as the solution to learning challenges. Dr. Michael Allen, commonly considered the father of modern interactive learning, raises concerns about misuses of the technology, missed opportunities, and money wasted on boring, ineffective e-learning. The book offers specific, pragmatic, common-sense approaches to guide the development of successful technology-assisted learning. A free CD-ROM is packed with sample applications. Michael Allen';s Guide to e-Learning enables business executives to become discerning e-learning investors and instructional designers to create meaningful performance solutions.

Reader review(s):

It's about time we had this book!, January 10, 2003
I have been involved in what is now called eLearning since 1976. I wrote Making CBT Happen in 1987 to help implement eLearning... so I am familiar with this field. Michael Allen has provided us with what we need to design and develop powerful and effective and engaging eLearning. Finally... a solid, experience-based book is available to us all. I read the book and loved the specific guidance on when to do what. Michael moves beyond the technology to its use. Specific design strategies are revealed... and "virtual" templates are provided. So many designers are just given authoring tools and goals... but no direction, creative support or stimulus for ideas. This book fills that void.

This will surely be the baseline resource for eLearning Design for at least the next five years! Thank you, Michael Allen! We needed this.

Guidance from the Master, January 27, 2003
This book is subtitled, "Building Interactive, Fun and Effective Learning Programs for Any Company" and I think that says it all. I've spoken on the topic of where's the fun in eLearning and know that most of what I've seen is "deadly boring."

I have known Mike Allen since I worked for Authorware in the 1980's. One of the things I always regretted was not working in the MN office, as he, along with the rest of the Authorware team, conducted critiques of the work in progress being developed for customers. The few I did attend were always insightful and thought provoking. Along with being pretty scary if your work was on the agenda, because you might have to listen to bad along with good feedback. Mike Allen is a kind person, but not one to mince words when it comes to what makes up good and bad eLearning. I've also had the opportunity to attend several lectures by Mike on eLearning.

This book shares his insight on what makes good elearning, particularly from the viewpoints of motivation and interactivity. I am starting a new project with a lot of possible impact and reading his book has helped me immensely. Also, it contains several little history lessons on eLearning and Authorware that I really enjoyed. Lots of examples of good projects are discussed and included on a CD-ROM that unfortunately is not included in the book, but available for free from his website. If you are really interested in learning more on what makes good eLearning, I would definitely order it soon.

This book directly applies to your work!, March 3, 2003
Dr. Allen is a champion of learner-centric design - and has written a refreshingly reader-centric book about the topic. He understands that learning is an "internal, personal, and ultimately individual act." His words reveal his passions and opinions in such an authentic manner that you can quickly understand his perspective, and extract points of meaning that can directly apply to your work. As a producer and designer of interactive media, I continually find his insights an inspiration.

Must have for new designers, April 30, 2003
This book is a must have for the aspiring e-Learning developer. It reviews enough theory to make the point and directs the reader quickly through the logic and science of good e-Learning design.

Emphasizing the essentials, November 27, 2003
This book takes e-learning to its core mandate, that of engaging and involving the learners, so that they learn the key skills and knowledge required.

An excellent and easy read, with lots of good examples and non-examples, nicely compared side by side.

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