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Streaming Media: Building and Implementing a Complete Streaming System

   by Gregory C. Demetriades / Gregory C. Demetriades

    17 May, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

From Book News, Inc.
This reference provides detailed instructions for streaming live or stored video and audio over the Internet or Intranet, on major platforms including Microsoft, Real Networks, and Apple. Demetriades (founder and CEO of MaxVU, Inc., a streaming media technology development company) outlines sixteen steps to building a successful streaming enterprise system and covers choosing the right audio and video equipment, capturing and editing, tailoring a streaming system to a company's needs, building encoders, wireless streaming media, and uses for security and surveillance. The included CD-ROM contains several streaming software applications and a trial version of Adobe Premiere.Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

From the Back Cover
A complete toolkit to successfully develop and implement streaming media on the Web

From hands-on training and distance learning to teleconferencing and product demonstrations, streaming media is providing businesses with a whole new world of opportunity. Written by one of the leading experts in the field, this book will provide you with all the information you';ll need to begin streaming immediately. Demetriades offers an accessible presentation of this complex technology and all of its components, so you';ll be able to address each segment of the streaming industry. As you progress through each chapter, you';ll take another step toward the development of a streaming media enterprise.

This informative book will direct you to the best resources to start streaming live or stored content over the Internet or Intranet. You';ll also learn how to choose the right audio and video equipment, capture and edit, and set up a streaming site that meets your company';s needs. Covering major platforms such as Microsoft, Real Networks, and Apple, it includes:

The CD-ROM contains:

About the Author
GREGORY C. DEMETRIADES is the founder and CEO of MaxVU, Inc., a streaming media technology development company. He is also an award-winning entrepreneur who is recognized as one of the pioneers in streaming media. Demetriades holds several patents on MPEG and remote control encoding devices with codec optimization and enhancement patent applications currently in the pipeline.

Book Description
Helps you choose audio and video equipment, capture and edit, and set up a streaming site.
* Explores how streaming media can be delivered via dial-up connections, as well as broadband connections.
* CD-ROM includes the author's streaming software package, allowing readers to configure, monitor, and mange a live encoded media stream.
* Reviews server issues, digital distribution systems, advanced enterprise streaming, and narrowband versus broadband.
* Also addresses legal issues and the future of streaming with wireless devices.

Reader review(s):

Very disappointing if you're looking to implement streaming, March 13, 2003
I had been anxiously awaiting this book, preordered it from Wiley. It arrived today, I'll probably send it back tomorrow.

If you're looking to learn how to shoot video, how to encode, or how to physically build and assemble the components of a computer to run encoding software (Totally out of place in a book of this type), it's probably OK.

I also felt like I was constantly reading promotions for the products of various companies, rather than an unbiased discussion of technologies and options.

The one thing I really wanted, information and resources on implementing streaming media servers, was nearly nonexistent. No significant discussion of the issues involved with implementing Windows Media Server, Darwin (Quicktime), or Real, no info on planning your bandwidth or simultaneous connection needs, nothing on sizing servers appropriate to anticipated needs... and way too much very basic stuff (i.e., explaining what a domain name is.)

All in all, a huge disappointment, particularly coming from Wiley, who has long had a reputation for high-quality, in-depth technical books.

Great book to get started, very informative, April 8, 2003
I thought the book was very informative and had many resources for me to get started. My company was able to get a full overview on how to build an encoding system, how to encode, use the video camera for shooting video for the Internet, as well as many other resources from servers, encryption, storage, video editing and much more. It had many good resources for me to contact while getting started. I highly recommend the book for those who want to start developing a streaming media system.

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