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The Internet and the Language Classroom (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)

   by Gavin Dudeney / Penny Ur

    Cambridge University Press
    21 September, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
This book includes clear guidance on the practicalities of the Internet as a resource and classroom tool and a range of practical activities grouped by theme and level. The accompanying website extends the content of the book and offers a huge collection of up-to-date links to useful sites and resources.

Reader review(s):

Worth having, March 12, 2001
This is a really useful book. Although a fan of the internet and an EFL teacher I could never quite work out the best ways to use the net to help my students. This book is full of practical and workable ideas. It opens up a whole new resource for teachers. You don't have to be a computer whizz either!

Valuable resource book, June 14, 2001
I bought this book despite the comments made by the reader from S?O PAULO, and therefore had some hesitations in using it in my classrooms. However, I found the book to be incredibly informative and chock full of useful and practical ideas that can be easy implemented into the classroom. It is written in such a clear way that there's no need to have any in depth internet knoweledge at all. A god send for the likes of me. I would recommend this book withput hesitation to any teacher wanting to utilise the capabilities of using the internet in the classroom. I'm not sure what problems are friend in Brazil encountered, but I had no trouble at all. All of the pages listed in the book led to straight to the sites they were supposed to. I have already started an email exchange with another school. I'm not sure what problems are friend in Brazil encountered, but I had no trouble at all.

some frustrations, May 10, 2001
I wanted to use some ideas on how to use email with my students, so I tried to access the sites suggested in the email penpal exchanges section. To my surprise, most of those sites had NO email sections whatsoever, or worse did not download at all. One of the sites looked more like advertising of the book. In sipte of these predicaments I underwent, it could be called a good book because it has plenty of good ideas.

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