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Internet Recruiting: A Human Resource Guide to Global Sourcing

   by George Zambos / Kas Salazar

    Pearson Custom Pub
    01 April, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
"Internet Recruiting" is an exceptional and comprehensive resource guide on the subject of web-based recruiting.

Written especially for technical recruiters, executive recruiters, corporate staffing organizations, and agency professionals, Internet Recruiting contains the very latest in specific recruiting techniques and methodologies for you to build a stronger and more effective recruiting strategy.

Based on Internet recruiting training to 9,431 staffing professionals from over 300 corporations nationwide, Internet Recruiting is designed to help you gain proficiency in effectively and efficiently using the Internet as a reliable recruiting tool.

Internet Recruiting, 2nd edition, is designed to help you gain proficiency in effectively and efficiently using the Internet as a reliable recruiting tool. By learning precisely which Internet Recruiting resources, methodologies and sourcing techniques are available, you are not only able to effectively architect a winning recruiting model and recruiting strategy, but also enhance your competitive positioning in any labor market with excellence in customer service delivery techniques.

Covered in Internet Recruiting is valuable information on:

* Methodology for Recruiting Strategy Development
* Principals of Architecting a Internet Recruiting Model
* Techniques for Passive Candidate Searches
* Recruiting to Industry Specific Organizations & Assns.
* Free Search Engines for Passive Sourcing
* Corporate Data Mining Techniques
* Techniques for Effective Search String Development
* Customizing Customer Service Deployment
* Navigation Techniques
* Employment Web Site Enhancements and Development

A Complete Recruiter's Office on CD-ROM

"Internet Recruiting" also contains invaluable information on CD-ROM to readily facilitate your transition from reading about the practical how-to's of Internet recruiting to the immediate application of that knowledge.

First, Internet Recruiting's CD contains a comprehensive, well-organized recruiting bookmark file, supplying you with over 400 of the most preeminent Internet Recruiting Web sites and support services. This incredible tool maps out your surfing needs and eliminates all the guesswork out of which Internet Recruiting sites are the best for a specific industry classification.

* The Top General Employment Hubs
* The Best Specialty Employment Hubs
* The Best Diversity Sites
* Best Sites for Industry Specific Organizations and Assns.
* The Best College Recruiting Sites
* Multiple Search Engines for Passive Candidate Sourcing
* Job Fair Schedules
* Relocation Sites
* Corporate Directories
* Online Recruiter Resources, and
* A Customized Version of Express by The Go Network!

Make Your Recruiter's Office Complete, included is:

* Netscape Communicator 4.7 software
* MindSpring account software with Internet Explorer 4.0.
* Digital Trainer 5 demo from Micromedium.

Learn From the Best!

Read the unique perspectives of 12 Prominent Recruiting Industry Executives who share their interpretation and vision on the subject of Internet Recruiting:

* Bernard Hodes, CEO, Bernard Hodes
* James Sale, VP & Michael McTaggart, National Account Mgr, BrassRing
* Rob McGovern, Chief Executive Officer, CareerBuilder
* Stephen J. Ciesinski, President & CEO, Resumix
* John Reese, President & CEO, iSearch
* Ankesh Kumar, Founder and CEO, Personic Software
* Marcia Harlow, Product Strategy, Peoplesoft
* Jeanne Palmer, The Palmer Advantage
* Gerry Stanton, President and CEO,
* Shanil Kaderali, Former Director, Corporate Training, AIRS
* Christopher Szabo, Director of Recruiting, a Big 5 Firm

Reader review(s):

Excellent Resource! Well Done!, May 19, 2000
As the Director of Staffing for a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley, I am going to make this book required reading by every recruiter in my staffing organization. It is precise and to the point on the latest in recruiting methodologies, techniques, and online resources without any pointless fluff. I highly recommend this book to any recruiter who wants to learn a hard and fast way to recruit on the Net.

"Internet Recruiting" - Zambos, May 22, 2000
Save your money on those over priced Internet Recruiting workshops !

This book gives you all of the information provided in those workshops as well as much, much more. Also included with the book is an easy to use CD that will make all of us much better Internet Recruiters.

Don't miss out on this gold mine ... another GREAT JOB by this author !

A very good resource, September 27, 2000
A recruiter needs many tools and this should be one of them. Today there is no viable recruiting being done without the aid of the Internet. This book lays out strategies and structure to use in a recruiting campaign using the Internet, and tells about sprcific techniques you can use to save time and make money.

Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D., author of "Breakthrough Technical Recruiting" [email protected]

Well Done!, May 22, 2000
I really enjoyed this book. I have been recruiting now for more than a decade and found it to be very comprehensive and the bookmark file was well worth the cost of the book alone. Excellent!

Excellent Publication, December 24, 1998
Mr. Zambos has authored a well-written and well-rounded book on the subject of Internet Recruiting and should be part of any recruiter's library. This book carries a tremendous amount of logical strategies for recruiting on the Internet and a wealth of information shared in print by some of the top executives in staffing. Internet Recruiting, in the balance, has already had a profound impact on my staffing organization and applaud the author for simplifying such an interpretive subject.

Great Recruiting Resource!, December 21, 1998
This is a great recruiting resource written to enable recruiters like my self in sourcing qualified candidates on the Internet. Additionally, the recruiting methodologies provided are excellent for both the beginning as well as tenured staffing professional. An impressive find.

Book does not match the hype!, December 14, 1998
This book is more like a magazine being only 131 pages long, with one chapter dedicated to the authors own consulting business, plus dozens of pages listing job websites. Sad to say this "book" does not match the hype the author has plastered over Amazon!

Key here is 131 pages, December 7, 1998
What can you say about a book that has dozens of pages of website addresses, 10 small articles, and a Chapter devoted to selling the authors own consulting business - all within 131 pages?

Outstanding and Comprehensive!, December 21, 1998
Mr. Zambos' book is the most comprehensive publication on the subject of Internet Recruiting and is, indeed, a complete recruiter's toolbox to instantly establish a valued direction for anyone to recruit on the Internet.

This Book Delivers, December 21, 1998
Internet Recruiting was instrumental in providing a strong recruiting backbone for my staffing organization and I highly recommend it for anyone in recruiting. Even aside from the logical steps that were presented in the book, the CD-ROM was well worth the purchase price alone.

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