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Internet Jokes

   by Javier Lizano

    Writers Club Press
    01 July, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description

Toward the end of 1997 I embarked upon a journey to compile as many jokes as I could. I decided to name the book Internet Jokes due to the origin of most of the jokes. If you have access to the web or e-mail I'm sure you too have received many jokes at one time or another. I was receiving so many jokes via e-mail that I decided to categorize each joke and put them in a book.

The jokes that follow are not all "G" rated folks. Then again they are all not "R" rated jokes either. If you are easily offended, this book may not be for you. Mostly everything in this book (99%) came to me via e-mail. You will find many interesting pieces of information, (whether reliable or not is yet to be known), amusing tidbits and a wealth of laughter. I gave credit to the originator of the contents whenever feasible. I tried to be as tasteful as humanely possible and not include any jokes that would be too offensive or were in poor taste. I certainly hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed compiling it for your reading delight. jkl

Reader review(s):

Very Impressed!, April 12, 2001
The person who put this book together is my brother; regardless I said I would criticize his book "objectively." And I'm pleased to annouce that I was REALLY impressed! The book is very funny. I usually don't find many things amusing so I was reluctant to buy the book, afterall, it cost $30.00! But then again, I promised my brother I would support his efforts and give his first book a try, I'm glad I did. Tell your friends about it, remember: "Internet Jokes First Edition," by Javier K. Lizano, my brother!

Foul language, yet good book, March 7, 2001
You need to have a good sense of humor to buy this book. There were many jokes that are NOT meant to be seen by kids. Fortunately I'm an adult and can take the good with the bad. I personally enjoyed the book. It's the type of book you carry around in your car and read while you're waiting. You'll get a good laugh.

not for everyone, February 18, 2001
The back cover and the introduction of this books says "The jokes that follow are not all "G" rated folks. Then again they are all not "R" rated jokes either. If you are easily offended, this book may not be for you." I did not care for the subject matter of most jokes. Most of this book was not for me.

NO Regrets Folks!, December 24, 2000
I've never written a review so forgive me if I stumble. I'll start by saying that this book is a clever, clever idea. The book is mostly jokes, yet there is a ton of trivia, funny facts, and a very uplifting chapter called "Inspirational." This author covers everything from blonde jokes, relationship jokes and obviously, political jokes. The chapter that I enjoyed the most is one called "Hmmm." In this chapter I was surprised to find things that really put your mind to thinking. It was pretty quirky. All in all I felt that the book was good reading. I've ordered an additional copy for a co-worker of mine. I most definitely recommend it.

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