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Star Power: Internet Celebrity : Successful Advertising, Marketing and Promoting to the Entertainment Industry on the Internet

   by Sonya D. Swinton

    Writers Club Press
    01 March, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Sonya D. Swinton is a multi-talented Internet pioneer. She specializes in advertising, marketing and promotions for the entertainment industries of fashion, film, television, musical recordings and professional sports. As a twelve-year veteran in mass media advertising, marketing and promotions, Ms. Swinton is also an award-winning photographer. She is an international consultant and motivational speaker for the phenomenal power of the Internet. She has an advanced Graduate Certificate from Howard University, Washington, DC. a Masters Degree in Education from the Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Most of all, she is noted for her charisma and flare for the creative visual designs of several interactive websites.

Book Description
Successful Advertising & Marketing To the Entertainment Industry On the Internet

"The only resource you will ever need to reach millions of excited customers instantly!"

Star Power: Internet Celebrity the successful guide to Advertising and Marketing on the Internet to the entertainment industry is an absolute best seller resource and a must read book for anyone who presently has an online business, organization or is contemplating one. Sonya Swinton brings her 10 years of experience in advertising & marketing management and her savvy expertise on Internet e-commerce together in one book that offers the novice as well as the experienced business professional a jump start education on doing business on the Internet with the media moguls in the exciting world of entertainment.

Reader review(s):

STAR POWER: Internet Celebrity, August 22, 2002
I am a newly retired bus driver
and didn't know dickens about the]
internet. Sonya Swinton's book
allowed me to understand the basics
in internet terms.
Thanks for the Ideas. JUY- Oregon

Loved the Book!, November 16, 2002
absolutely love this book and I will probably read it several more times. I am awe-struck at the inspiration this book evokes. It is about much more than just making money, it is about being a complete person and going forward with a purpose and a passion. If you want to achieve wealth and still keep your priorities in check, this is definitely the right book for you....

Must Read!, November 16, 2002
Easy to read and a must for anybody interested in internet ad/marketing!
Dean Allen

Concord, New Hampshire

I'm Impressed!, November 16, 2002
After Ms. Swinton's speech, I've received numerous phone calls from colleagues and friends alike asking me, "Who is Sonya Swinton?" and thanking me for the introduction. Allow Sonya to will impress you with her style. Only buy this book if you want to succeed.

Jeff Zeiger
Carson City, Nevada

Read Now!, November 16, 2002 this book, now!!! I had the pleasure to read some of the best information I could get my hands on in years. The beauty of this book is that it contains experience and wisdom ready for you to use NOW. I enjoyed this book so much that I've actually taken the liberty to ask Ms. Swinton to speak to my marketing class.

Julian Ross
Phoenix, Arizona

Marketing Wizard!, November 16, 2002
Simple reading "Internet Celebrity" puts you right on the road to becoming a top marketing wizard.

Lance Morland
San Rafael, CA USA

Popular diva!, November 16, 2002
I now have in my hands a complete and inspiring knowledge guide book to high achievement.
I know this awesome book will lead me to a happy and rich life and will have a lasting impact on my life in the field of advertising.
Lance Morland

Huntington Beach, California USA

Achiever's Marketing Tips, November 16, 2002
Easy to read and packed with success principles and philosophies.
Learn from those who have already achieved what you desire
to achieve. Read and reread this book - then take action!
Demmy Lyon

Hartford, Connecticut

Wisdom!, November 16, 2002
I was on pins and needles waiting for this book. I was not disappointed. In fact, it was even better than I had anticipated. This book will be a treasure in my library. It is destined to become a best-seller because I already have a list of at least 2 dozen friends and family members that I want to buy it for - read it and you'll see why. You will find that this exciting book becomes a part of you. Don't hold back - let it happen. In fact, I plan on spending 10 to 15 minutes every morning for the next several days focusing my thoughts on the truths of this book, thereby allowing them to seep deep into my subconscious mind. If you do this too I guarantee God's wisdom will most assuredly bring you the success and abundance you deserve.
Carl V. Bellamy
Shaker Hts., Ohio United States

Brimming Source!, November 16, 2002
Finished your book "Internet Celebrity" in just a couple of days because
I couldn't put it down! What a great read and a brimming source of the well
kept secrets of internet marketing! Looking forward to your bestseller follow-up.
William Henry
Montgomery, Alabama

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