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Internet for Activists: A Hands-On Guide to Internet Tactics Field-Tested in the Fight Against Building El Toro Airport

   by Leonard Kranser

    Writers Club Press
    01 August, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Leonard Kranser edits the volunteer-run El Toro Info website. He is a leader of grass-roots opposition to El Toro airport. Kranser retired from business ownership and teaches, writes, and is active in community service. He earned his BME at Rensselaer, MS at MIT, and MBA at the Harvard Business School.

Book Description
Internet for Activists is a how-to-do-it guide to using websites and e-mail in grass roots politics. Leonard KranserÂ';s unique book blends essential technical knowledge with lots of political and media savvy. The result is a practical handbook in laymanÂ';s language for those who are not computer experts. It is easy reading, filled with interesting real-world examples.

Kranser shares what he learned field-testing Internet tactics in a successful six-year campaign to rally public opposition to his county governmentÂ';s multi-billion dollar El Toro airport plan. He writes for those who may need to carry on similar efforts Â"with hard work, clever tactics, and a miniscule budget.Â"

In the words of one reviewer who closely followed the battle, this is a hands-on guide to Â"campaign tools that can be accessed by ordinary citizens to achieve goals of breathtaking scale.Â"

KranserÂ';s El Toro Info website won an Award of Excellence for Internet and On Line Marketing from the Public Relations Society of America.

Reader review(s):

It gave me hope, September 4, 2002
I loved this book. Clear and interestingly written how-to-do-it guide. Lot's of real-world examples of what can be accomplished.

Internet for Activists sends a great message that "You can beat City Hall." It gave me the tools and encouragement to start making some needed changes around this town.

My highschool son got a lift out of the possibilities for ordinary citizens to be able to make it a better world.

A wonderful tool, September 13, 2002
I devoured this book last night after it arrived.

Well written. Concise. Extraordinarily useful.

Some information surprised me. Some was very reassuring and justified decisions that I had just made. There were a few points that saved me from making stupid and costly mistakes that I had been contemplating.

The author was David vs Goliath, using an inexpensive website to rally support and slay city (Newport Beach) and county (Orange) governments that spent tens of millions. The internet was his sling. Information was his stone.

If you are using, or contemplating using a website to fight City Hall, you need to buy this book.

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