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Secrets Of Ebay: Strategies And Tips Used By The Most Successful Ebay Sellers

   by Donny Lowy

    31 January, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
If you could easily reach 20 million potential customers without having to launch an expensive advertising campaign and without having to do any personal selling, would you be interested?
What if by doing so you could consistently make money that could soon either help you quit your job or save money to purchase a car or a home?
Do you want to know how thousands of people earn a second part time income or even a full time income while still holding a job or running a business?
Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to be able to raise cash when they need it?
Do you know where people are currently making anywhere from an extra $500 a week to over $100,000 a year?
The answer is eBay.

There are currently millions of customers waiting on eBay to purchase everything from you, from clothing to collectibles, from web design to tax preparation.
If you have a business, or are currently considering starting a business, you owe it to yourself and your family to start doing business on eBay.
Secrets of eBay is the only step by step guide that shows you exactly what to sell, how to sell, and how to find exclusive sources for merchandise.
Secrets of eBay will give you easy, yet effective, powerful and efficient strategies and tips that are based on the actual business strategies that are used by successful eBay entrepreneurs.
You can be making money with your own eBay business within 24 hours of reading Secrets of eBay.

Reader review(s):

Read it online first, March 29, 2004
You can read this at the website. I did, and couldn't believe how useless the information was. After all the great reviews, I thought it would be at least decent. If you notice though, most of the other reviews are by "a reader". Just a hunch, could the reviews be doctored?

Anyway, I went through about 8 chapters before I just couldn't read it anymore. It drones on and on basically saying buy your socks wholesale and sell them for a profit.

SCAM ALERT!!!!!, August 7, 2004
I was reading the "reviews" and couldn't help but notice something troublesome. Just look at the review from Tammy (Coral Gables FL) Then click the "read all my reviews" tag. Notice how "Tammy" has reviewed all of the authors books - and only this authors books? Notice how "Tammy" gave all of this authors books a 5 star rating? Gee, I wonder who "Tammy" really is????

Please Donny Lowy - don't assume we are all too stupid to figure out who "Tammy" really is!

The controversy, March 31, 2004
I read over the one negative review and I think I understand where he is coming from. Some people expect a book to be able to help them instantly make money on eBay. If you read his review you will see that he is not even an eBay seller, and did not even read past the 8th chapter, which is on page 40, out of close to 200 pages.

An honest review of this book should include the fact that this book does not make any extravagant promises. What it does is offer a very direct and easy to follow method for selling on eBay. The author, is an eBay seller, and an entrepreneur involved in the closeout business, and you can see from reading Secrets of eBay that he knows what he is talking about.

I would give this book a 9 out of 10, only because I would have liked more detailed sources on finding certain types of merchandise such as antiques.

Good Content that needs an editor, June 28, 2004
The three stars are for the content. I haven't finished reading the book and at the end, I may give it 5 stars for content. I'm new to selling on eBay so I have yet to see how the application of Lowy's strategies plays out for me. I suspect that he is giving me good, sound advice and I know I'm getting lots of exciting ideas from reading what he has to say. But the way he says it! I have to say -- and I'm sorry to say it -- that this is the most poorly written book I have ever laid eyes on. There are so many grammatical errors, misspelled words, incomplete sentences, poorly organized thoughts that I find it hard to believe this book found a publisher. Obviously, there was not an editor involved. If I try to imagine that someone recorded what Mr. Lowy had to say and just transcribed it verbatim , it becomes slightly more tolerable. I have to think though, given the sad state of the writing here, that some of these "reviewers" have a very close relationship with Mr. Lowy. I'd like to auction MY editing skills to this guy! That's an idea I got from his chapter on auctioning services. Now that's a terrific idea that makes slogging through the prose worthwhile!

Don't be fooled!, September 9, 2004
I read all the 5-star reviews of this book and was convinced it must be a winner, but it is hands-down the most poorly written book I have ever read. It doesn't help that there is no table of contents and no index for quick reference, making it impossible to skim. Most of the information, when you finally reach it, is based on common sense, and I found no "secrets" nor "strategies" whatsoever. If you are a struggling ebayer like me, don't waste your $19.95. Buy something useful instead, like groceries.

Should be required reading, March 11, 2004
I strongly believe that if eBay made this required reading as part of the registration process for sellers, you would see allot more successful sellers than there are. Many of the shortfalls eBay sellers have is not because of a lack of ability but because of a lack of information. Secrets of eBay reads like a course written for eBay sellers who are struggling due to a lack of knowledge concerning access to products, how to effectively buy and sell, and how to maintain long term customer relationships.
This is not to say that there are not other important factors that come into play. But the factors that are in the control of the eBay seller are addressed here. If you are an eBay seller, or are considering selling on eBay, you would benefit from learning all of the different shipping methods and how to get heavily discounted shipping rates, how to get free packing supplies, and how to develop a customer database to increase your auction sales and to increase your average bid.

Overall this is an important book no different than a course a real estate agent would take to learn how to effectively sell more real estate.

Worth reading, March 16, 2004
I read over my copy over the weekend and started using some of what I learned. While I have not striked it rich yet, my auction results are improving and I should be able to increase my overall results by sticking to what I have been learning from Secrets of eBay.

Enjoyed every page, April 14, 2004
While reading books on eBay it is very easy to either get lost over the technical terms or simply be given information without the extra advice on how to use that information. In Secrets of eBay you are given the information in a very friendly and easy to read format which makes it a great read, and also enables the information to be better understood.
Since it's clear that the information is based on someone who has actively sold on eBay, it also helps to have the extra advice throughout the book on how to use that information in your eBay auctions.
I give this book five stars and definitely recommend it to everyone.

Inside Information, March 29, 2004
The thought that kept coming up to mind was insider information. When you read Secrets of eBay I think you will realize that it really reads like an inside information publication that could have been published by eBay for their top sellers.
Or maybe a top seller wrote this book and intended to use it to teach an advanced course on selling on eBay.

Either way, I kept on getting the feeling while reading this book that it was intended to be for sellers who wanted to know a new set of more advanced strategies that they could use to further expand their ebay business.

Great book for those of us who think we already know everything about selling on eBay.

So far so good, April 9, 2004
I have started using what I have read so far and it is helping my sell more of my listings.

Although I am still selling the same merchandise as before my results are improving.

Once I sell out these merchandise I might consider some of the product sources mentioned here.

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