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VBScript Pocket Reference

   by Paul Lomax / Matt Childs / Ron Petrusha

    01 January, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
A pocket-sized quick reference for developers, detailing every language element of VBScript, both in the language itself and in Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library. Also includes an alphabetical list of elements and a section that lists VBScript operators and intrinsic consonants. Softcover.

Book Description
Whether you're developing code for Active Server Pages, client-side scripts for Internet Explorer, code for Outlook forms, or scripts for Windows Script Host, this book will be your constant companion. Based on the bestselling VBScript in a Nutshell, this small book details every VBScript language element--every statement, function, and object--both in VBScript itself and in the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library. Entries are arranged alphabetically by topic, so that you can, for instance, easily find details about that string-handling function that you can't quite remember. In addition, appendixes list VBScript operators and VBScript intrinsic constants. Regardless of how much experience you have programming with VBScript, this is the book you'll pick up time and time again as your standard quick reference guide to the VBScript language. It is indispensable for anyone writing scripts with VBScript.

Reader review(s):

Good for non VB programmers., June 14, 2001
I like the O'Reilly pocket reference series. They don't take up a lot of desk real estate, and you can generally find what you need to know in a hurry.

From the perspective of a programmer who hasn't touched basic since he had a Sinclair Spectrum, I found this book got me up to speed reasonbly quickly. However I suspect it will attract a fairly small audience - a non programmer would find it too terse to be a good learning book, and an experienced VB programmer would probably be better off with a book specific to the environment they're using (eg, ASP) because this book does not cover any enviroment specific objects, and VBScript has no enviroment specific functions. It does however cover the filesystem objects and the dictionary object, which is handy.

Every now and then I get frustrated with the book when I can't find a function that I want, but then I usually discover that the function doesn't exist in VBScript, which is really such a trivial language that a pocket reference can cover it more or less completely.

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