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WebSphere 4.0 AEs Workbook for Enterprise JavaBeans (3rd Edition)

   by Kyle Brown

    September, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Although EJB applications themselves are portable, the manner in which developers install and run EJB products varies widely from one vendor to the next.The goal of this WebSphere AE workbook is to discuss vendor specific requirements and best practices and introduce tools such as the WebSphere Application Assembly Tool, and the WebSphere Administration Console, all in the context of building and running the example programs for O'Reilly's Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd edition. The Workbook guides developers step-by-step, explaining how to build and deploy working solutions in a particular application server, and provides useful hints, tips and warnings. This WebSphere 4.0 AEs Workbook was originally published by Enterprise JavaBeans author Richard Monson-Haefel's Titan Books publishing company. O'Reilly thought so highly of it, we acquired the rights to publish it ourselves, in order to give more developers access to this critical information.

Reader review(s):

Helps if you read the book, November 11, 2003
Had the previous reviewer actually READ the book he would have noticed (on the second page of the preface, page xvi) that it says not once but TWICE that the book contains the EJB 1.1 exercises only because WAS 4.0 does not support EJB 2.0. Good night -- did this guy review it after just looking at the back of the book in the bookstore?

Thin content - EJB 1.1 only, no EJB 2.0, November 25, 2002
Unlike the Weblogic workbook by Nyberg, which has excellent EJB 2.0 exercises, this one only covers EJB 1.1 stuff, perhaps because the Websphere is slow in supporting EJB 2.0 ? It claims not to cover 2.0, but still rather dissapointing.

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