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Internet Annoyances

   by Preston Gralla

    01 December, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
What began as an intrepid U.S. Government initiative in the early 1970's has turned into a global way of life. Indeed, with more than 500 million current users (and counting), the Internet has revolutionized the way societies function the world over. From dating and shopping online, to conducting informational research, to communicating via email, today seemingly everyone uses the Internet for one purpose or another. How, then, can something so vast and powerful be defiled by something as trivial as spam? It's true. The fact remains that despite the leading-edge technological sophistication fueling the Net, there are still many related annoyances that complicate and tarnish the Internet experience. And it doesn't matter if you're a homemaker in search of a fresh chicken recipe, or a civil engineer researching plans for a new skyscraper, the problems are the same. Internet Annoyances understands the universal nature of the Internet and strives to make its use as stress-free as possible. This insightful guide shows you how to overcome the most annoying Internet-related quirks, bugs, and hassles. You'll learn how to make a seamless connection, thwart would-be hackers, ensure greater security while surfing, eliminate pop-up ads, maximize online services, conduct more effective Google searches, better utilize digital media (music and video), and much more. In addition, Internet Annoyances discusses how to design and host a personal web site something once thought of as only possible for the technically gifted. Topics like blogs, domain names, setup, HTML, fonts, and graphics and are all dissected and analyzed for easy consumption. Unlike other books on the subject, Internet Annoyances assumes readers already possess a working knowledge of the Internet. By fully recognizing the experience level of today's Internet culture, author Preston Galla is able to cut immediately to the chase and not waste time on the more obvious points. Internet Annoyances, therefore, is a quick read that presents succinct solutions for the many glitches that still populate the Internet experience.

Reader review(s):

Another outstanding Annoyances book..., February 10, 2005
I recently had the chance to read and review the book Internet Annoyances by Preston Gralla (O'Reilly). All I can say is that I'm really getting hooked on this Annoyances series. Internet Annoyances is no exception...

Chapter List:
Chapter 1 - Email and Spam Annoyances: General Email Annoyances; Spam; Outlook 2003 and Outlook Express; Gmail; Eudora 6
Chapter 2 - Making The Connection Annoyances: General Connection Annoyances; Broadband: Cable and DSL Connections; Routers and Home Networks
Chapter 3 - Wireless Annoyances: Home Wireless Networks and Routers; Cell Phones and the Net; WiFi Security; HotSpots
Chapter 4 - Web Hosting, Design, and Blog Annoyances: Domain and Hosting Hassles; Design and Maintenance Help; Blogging
Chapter 5 - Browser Annoyances: Pop-Ups, Ads, and Flash; Favorites and Bookmarks; Working the Interface; Speedups and Shortcuts; Cookies
Chapter 6 - AOL Annoyances: General AOL Annoyances; Email
Chapter 7 - IM Annoyances: General Instant Messaging Annoyances; AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Windows Messenger; Yahoo! Messenger; ICQ
Chapter 8 - Searching Annoyances: General Search Annoyances; Government and the Law; Google; Amazon; eBay; Yahoo!
Chapter 9 - Security Annoyances: General Security Annoyances; Spyware; Trojans, Worms, and Viruses; Firewalls
Chapter 10 - Shopping and Auction Annoyances: General Shopping Annoyances; eBay Annoyances; Amazon Annoyances

As you can see, this book covers quite a bit of ground. Each chapter/subsection consists of a number of annoyances in the form of "questions" from readers or contributors. Imagine a weekly newspaper Q&A column and you get the idea. Gralla then answers the question in a straight-forward, understandable way that often includes a liberal dose of humor. What's even better is that he often includes links to websites that offer some unique service or twist on the subject (like using Teoma as a search engine for tech subjects) or a lead to a piece of software that will dramatically change the way you do something (like the Asterisk Key utility to show you the passwords behind the asterisks in a password field). And sometimes its just letting you know that *does* have a 1-800 number for customer service where you can speak to a real person (1-800-201-7575).

You won't necessarily learn something from every tip included in the book. You may even skip entire chapters (don't ask me questions about the AOL chapter, OK?). But that's OK and to be expected. Odds are that you'll pick up at least 10 - 20 tips or tricks that will make the whole book worth every penny you spend on it. Just the fact I don't have to continue to see IE launched as a quarter-size window any more was worth the price of admission for me!

Great stuff here, and a recommended read...

Outstanding selection of helpful hints, January 28, 2005
This is an outstanding selection of hints and tips for everything from fighting spam, to blocking popups, blogging, searching, buying, and a host of other activities on the Internet. The book has around 300 annoyances, each with an explanation of the problem and a solution. The annoyances, and the explanations, are all in play english for laymen.

Some of these hints are given several pages to play out. One particularly good one discusses the selection of a web hosting service. There is even a table with prices, storage sizes, bandwidth amounts, and more. It's great information presented in an easy to use form. Other hints, like the explanation of why you can't return a TV that is greater than 27 inches, seem out of place. But those are few and far between.

There are a number of books out there for Internet users looking for helpful hints. This is the best one I have seen so far. The writing is engaging, the content is great.

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