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iPod and iTunes Hacks (Hacks)

   by Hadley Stern

    01 October, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Some people are content to use their iPod simply to play music. Some people want to do much more. Those people, and you know who you are,aren't satisfied until they get under the hood and tap every iPod trick available to them. They want to explore and experiment, create shortcuts, and unearth cool and unexpected things to do with their iPod that have never even occurred to their friends. Maybe they want to use their iPod to read email. Maybe they want to use it as a voice recorder, or a device to store their digital photos. Maybe they want to use iTunes visuals as a screensaver, use Java to expand iTunes functionally, or use a cheap Linux box as a server and access MP3 tunes. Or, maybe they just want to paint their iPod a custom color. For those people who want to get more much more out of their iPod iPod and iTunes Hacks is brimming with undocumented tips, tricks, and trade secrets for getting the very most from your iPod. This guide takes curious and clever iPod owners beyond the obvious with 100 ingenious hacks that will delight, entertain, and add astonishing power to the iPod and iTunes experience.

Reader review(s):

Unique, sometimes extreme, hacks for iPods, November 7, 2004
The hacks books are all about unique recipes and solutions for technologies, in this case, primarily the iPod. This book almost takes it a little too far. In particular I found the authors fifteen page step-by-step instruction on building a car console mount for an iPod. The other hacks are a bit more practical; using an iPod with Linux, streaming audio to an iPod, reading text on an iPod, replacing an iPod battery or using the iPod as a voice recording.

It's not just about the iPod. The book also has 50 hacks for iTunes. Including fun ones like putting album covers on your desktop, using the visualizer as a screen saver, and scripting iTunes with Applescript.

Despite the fifteen pages on building an iPod console the book is well worth the money for experienced hackers who want cool ideas for iTunes and the iPod.

Love your iPod, get this book!, November 3, 2004
So far I have really enjoyed the "Hacks" series from O'Reilly, and without a doubt this book is no exception. For those who increasingly find that the Apple iPod has in someway changed their lives for the better, this book is a great companion to the iPod. 100 tips, tricks, and interesting projects to give the user, developer, or hacker in all of us the edge on how to tweak the most out of our favorite portable device. If you love your iPod (or if have recently purchased your very own) like I do, you should check this book out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Another great "Hacks" book, November 4, 2004
From "Importing Lyrics into iTunes and iPod" (#53) to "Install Your iPod in Your Car, Permanently" (#11). Plenty of things to tweak and try. If you like to tinker, pull things apart, or generally prefer to live outside the mainstream - you'll love this book.

Besides, who wouldn't want a book that contains the phrase, "Before I get into the specifics ... this hack is illegal." (#6)

Fun book , November 30, 2004
I am really enjoying this book. It's a breezy romp through a lot of different technology all in some way connected to novel uses of the iPod. Many of the articles are simply features or aspects of using the iPod or iTunes that simply may not have been apparent. My personal favorites are the ones where the iPod is used with something else. Though I don't own a BMW nor do I have the inclination to fabricate fiberglass, it was fun to see how you integrate your iPod to a BMW, including its onboard computer and electrical system. Booting linux on an iPod is almost a punk gesture, one that you might not consider especially useful, but seeing how it has been accomplished is half the fun.

Its also a book about reverse engineering using the iPod as the center of several case histories. What is interesting is not just what you can do with an iPod but how you find out for yourself.

By all means buy this book if you want to twist your iPod(s) (you may need a few to explore it all) but ... even if you want to do nothing and just live vicariously through others accomplishments, buy it anyway.

I did find it really hard to play my iPod (which I enjoy doing while I read) and also to play with my iPod, something the book constantly challenged me to do. So, that's another reason to get two ... so you can listen to music on one and hack the other. Lots and lots of fun.

Cool Book, January 20, 2005
I must say I love this book. If you have a iPod, GET THIS

Common Hacks, Convenient Package, March 7, 2005
I flipped through this in a local bookstore recently while trying to kill some time waiting for my girlfriend. Like most hack books this book contains a collection of some simple, obvious hacks and some that are slightly more complex. Most if not all of these can probably be found by doing a few targeted searches on the web or digging through news groups but the convenience of having it all in one bound book at your fingertips is probably worth the price. This book covers hacks for Mac, Win and Linux with the bulk of the "good" hacks for Mac only thanks to AppleScripts.

For the serious hacker, February 27, 2005
While most of the hacks in this book are fairly benign, some are not for the feint of heart. In true hacker form, the author dismantles not only his iPod, but his car! You say you want to connect your iPod to a Linux machine? How about installing Linux right on your iPod!

This is a terrific book for anyone with the hacker spirit. But be careful. It will definitely leave you wanting to buy at least one more iPod to play with.

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