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Internet Programming with VBScript and JavaScript

   by Kate Kalata / Kalata

    Course Technology
    15 December, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Internet Programming with VBScript and JavaScript provides a thorough introduction to Web programming by providing coverage on Internet scripting from both the client and server side.

Reader review(s):

There are better books..., February 8, 2002
I too, had this book assigned for a class, it was very disapointing considering javascript is a syntax specific language and there are spelling errors all over (especially in the code). I found that O'Reily's JavaScript book was more helpful with the assignments. Also, "Perl, CGI, and JavaScript Complete" from Sybex was an excelent book. It was a major downfall considering I had to go out and buy the other books and use the Internet to make it through the class. Don't BUY this book!

Required by Web Design Class, July 25, 2001
This book was assigned to us for our web scripting class. I found this book to be very confusing for a person who is just learning javascript & Vbscript. There are a lot of spelling errors and coding errors and a lot of the practice exercises do not work when you code them and since in most cases the author didn't place any pictures or examples in the book it is very hard to figure out how to fix the errors. Very Disappointing since I love most of the books released by Course Technology.

Does not rate a STAR, February 28, 2003
Very bad examples in this book. Spelling errors, coding errors, you will need to buy other books to figure out what she is trying to teach. She should have read her book before printing it. This book should never have been printed in the first place. Not a good book at all. She provided only part of codes and you have to figure it out yourself. Why do we need her botch attempt at being an author or teacher. SAVE YOUR MONEY on this one.

Very good educational book for learners, August 4, 2003
Very good educational book for learners. My only complain it does not include sample code CD-ROM; it would most likely catch all the mispelling. But for teaching material its an excellent book to have.

Pretty Good Starting Point, August 16, 2002
Yes is true, I found some misspellings but overall this book is great for a starter. I had the honor to have her as my web teacher and she really opened my eyes!

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