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Internet BASICS

   by Karl Barksdale / Michael Rutter / Ryan Teeter

    Course Technology
    25 September, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Quick reference guide to the Internet. Get hands-on with the Internet with this activity oriented guide. Softcover.

About the Author
Technology Consultant, Provo, Utah

Book Description
Get your students hands-on with the Internet with this activity-oriented book!

Reader review(s):

Trained Monkeys with Alzheimers WOULD have done better, July 15, 2002
As the title states it is my belief that trained monkeys with alzheimers would have done a better job on this book. I had to buy this for a college class and I feel dumber just by reading it. The first project they have you do is interview five people to "Create a Personal Network" What the heck interviewing five people and putting their answers on cards would have to do with the internet I'll never know. I know that that was the first project but jeeze they could have at least had you fire up a fricken browser or something. Maybe even turn the computer on. But wait it gets better. Next we go onto sorting your favorites folder. This is garbage and I feel I have wasted money on it. Had I been able to this would have gotten negative stars on the stupid rating.

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