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Microsoft ASP.NET Programming with Microsoft Visual C# .NET Version 2003 Step By Step

   by G. Andrew Duthie

    Microsoft Press
    21 May, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Your hands-on, self-study guide for building Web applications and services with ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET version 2003

Teach yourself how to write high-performance Web applications with ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET--one step at a time. This practical, hands-on tutorial expertly guides you through the fundamental tools and technologies, including the common language runtime, Web Forms, XML Web services, and Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1--with coverage that';s fully up-to-date with the innovations in Visual Basic .NET version 2003. Work at your own pace through the easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on exercises to learn essential techniques. And accelerate your productivity by working with instructive code examples and best practices for ASP.NET Web development with Visual Basic .NET. Topics include creating ASP.NET Web applications; managing application state; configuring ASP.NET applications; implementing security, including using new capabilities in authentication and request validation; creating Web Forms, server controls, and XML Web services; accessing data, including exploiting new Microsoft ADO.NET functionality; enabling caching; testing, debugging, and deploying ASP.NET applications; and more.
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Reader review(s):

Could have been better, July 3, 2003
This book was rather hard to follow, and I think it was mostly because the author (G. Andrew Duthie) did not write clearly. For instance, in the debug chapter, he wanted you to view a document called 'trace.axd'. The author wrote, "Appending trace.axd to the base URL for the application will display the list..." I had to read that sentence about ten times and still did not know what it was asking me to do. The picture that followed helped me to figure it out. This is just one example, and since it was at the end of the book, the one most fresh in my mind.

If you are unfamiliar with ASP, I don't think the author had you in mind while writing this book. You can't read more than a couple of pages without it saying, "In classic ASP..." or "...unlike classic ASP, ASP.NET..." or something to those effects. This might confuse somebody who is new to ASP (and ASP.NET) as it provides more information that we really want to know about. At the beginning of the book he explains that ASP.NET is totally different from ASP. I think the author should have left it there and left ASP in the past (where I think it belongs). He did include an appendix on upgrading yor applciations from ASP to ASP.NET, which is good. But continuing to bring up "classic" ASP in the book I think is bad.

This book is divided into four parts. The first part is aimed at the beginner to help somebody new to ASP.NET start programming with the basic programming of VB.NET explained and what makes ASP.NET different from ASP. It also gives you a brief (too brief) introduction to the server components you can add to an ASP.NET web page.

For the final three parts the author really started losing me. It was like he was writing at level 3 and then shot up to level 8 between part 1 and part 2. He would casually write about topics and use terminology not defined earlier in the book. The only chapters I really got information out of was chapter 9 (Accessing and Binding Data, a brief inroduction to ADO.NET) and chapter 14 (Tracing and Debugging ASP.NET applications). Chapter 14 should have come MUCH earlier in the book. However, half of the examples provided did not teach me much, and often times did not work very well.

All in all, I would not recommend this book, and regret buyin it (and paying retail on top of that). There is much better out there.

Confused about who its aimed at., August 18, 2003
Sorry I bought this book. Have to agree with the previous reviewer, the author Mr Duthie just isn't good at teaching. The book its very badly structured, he just fires way too much at people in the one go. Note I say that as someone who has been writing ASP for years and has done a course on ASP.NET with VB already....

If you were hoping, as I was, to use this book to learn C# you'll be very disappointed...There is no a lot of c# in it. There is a chapter called Understanding Programming Basics...which is "intended for readers who have little or no direct programming experience".. (which I thought was completely inappropriate for a book on a subject at this level)but then hilariously in the next paragraph it chickens out and encourages beginners to go read a whole load of other books and websites... the remainder of the chapter is a brief and useless dash through some aspects of c#. My feeling is its a redundant chapter only put in there so beginners might be fooled into buying the book.

The ordering of the book is worthy of criticism too... we end up wading through mounds of info on 'Managing State', 'Configuring the App' and Security.. before we even find out about creating web forms or using the controls... And I do mean Wading, you need a lot of stamina for this one and you get pulled around all over the place before getting to a goal...

But the biggest problem with this book is that it has no clear idea of what level of programmer its aimed at and is very confused as to what it wants to achieve.

poorly written. But?, September 15, 2003
I bought this book from the bookstore to teach my students or i would say to use it as a class text for an intro to programming using C# but to my surprise the author took this fine language and product and did not know how to present it in writing for someone that is not expereinced to understand what he meant and as such could not recommend it to my students but if you do have some knowledge already about C# and then maybe it will be worth it.
The author is a good author but he missed this one.

Because true kowledge comes when you can take something and explain it in simple terms to someone so that they can learn something.

So this is where the answers are hidden..., April 25, 2004
After an hour or so of reading various topics in this book, I finally broke through months of dead-end leads and half-answers. Here is the info you will be looking for when developing and deploying web apps in ASP.NET. This refers to the VB version, but I am sure the C# version is the same except for the code examples. Some really great topics include setting up IIS, security, subapps, deployment, database usage, etc. The topics are succinctly explained, then you get the walk-through with any necessary code clearly shown. Buy it, read it, keep it around as a great reference.

It is just darn fun!, September 15, 2003
I have found this title very informative and easy to follow. Not only that, but unlike many other titles on the subject of ASP.NET, C#, and .Net programming, this title assumes nothing and supplies all the appropriate directions to complete the exercises included in each chapter. I have also found that G. Andrew Duthie explains the usefulness of what he inroduces in his book in a manner that leaves me confident enough to study other ASP.NET programs with clarity.

I place this book on my top ten ASP.Net must have list for anyone who wishes to develop a solid understanding of programming ASP.NET with VC#.

Plus, this book is just darn fun!


ok for beginners,,,, July 19, 2004
This book is okay for beginners...I finished this book in 4 days...nothing for professionals and experts..
If you are new to c# ,,,go for it...otherwise try something MCAD..etc

Disappointing, June 17, 2004
My overall impression of the book is that whilst at first glance it is organised into logical chapters (the reason I purchased the book), the contents within the chapters is presented haphazardly.

The author jumps from one topic to another without fully explaining whats going on and presents some confusing examples, some of which do not work. Not impressed at all

Maybe for a beginner, September 6, 2003
This book is a bit hard to follow. If you are a beginner it may be good for you but otherwise it lacks substance. I used it mostly as a reference and even that was hard as the examples could have pertained more to real world applications.
All said the author could definitely have put a bit more work in the book to bring it up from its mediocrity and closer to its $ value.

confused, May 7, 2004
I want to know is the book code is in or visualbasic6.0 .This should be clarified.The old version of this book is in C#.

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