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Confessions of an Internet Auction Junkie: How to Sell Virtually Anything on the Internet (With CD-ROM)

   by Michael Weber

    Prima Tech
    October, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
You can earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars running your own Internet auctions. But there's more to the Internet auction world than meets the eye: you need to know which secrets to take advantage of and what scams to avoid. Through an entertaining collection of stories-his own and those of others-Michael Weber demystifies Internet auctions by revealing the empowering techniques at the core of all successful Internet commerce.Confessions of an Internet Auction Junkie is the first authoritative, definitive book to bridge the gap by placing these topics under a single cover! If you'd like to earn a few hundred (or thousand!) extra dollars cleaning out your closet, this book is a must-read! Confessions is a multimedia experience; you'll move back and forth seamlessly from the book, to the CD-ROM, to your auctions on the Internet. ItemID: 0761530851

Book Info
(Prima Tech) Shows how to earn money selling items on Internet actions, telling all of the secrets of how to take advantage and which scams to avoid. The CD-ROM contains shopping bots, freeware and evaluation software, free clip art, HTML templates, Webmaster and Internet commerce tools, ans wholesale vendor sources. Softcover.

Reader review(s):

Easy, Fun Auctioning Know-How, December 11, 2001
I just started the book and so far it's great! The book is short, fast paced and had me involved from the get-go. It doesn't seem to leave out much about the auctioning process as it covers every aspect of auctioning for the absolute beginner to the advanced practitioner who outgrows or supplements their auctions by spinning-off into their own cyber-store. Amazing that this author can fit all this information in such a small space but, owing to his clean, crisp writing style, the material is presented in such a logical structure that what he writes is almost intuitive as your mind races forward and arrives at his conclusions seemingly before he does. He makes auctioning childishly simple. His use of exercises and the help of the enclosed CD had me building my auctioning empire from the first chapter.
The only misgivings I have concern the CD. First, a couple of the Internet links have changed - which is expected from any list of links that are more than a day old. A search engine ferrited out the needed sites. However, other sites simply no longer existed as the companies merged with others. Secondly, when I hit a link to a site I was transported to the site via the CD's enclosed browser. The problem is that the CD browser divides the screen into three equal vertical strips. The intended web site occupied only the middle strip. The left and right portions of the screen had menus displayed on them. The web site, reduced to a little sliver, was simply too awkward to work with and the URL of the site couldn't be found anywhere. Again I had to use the search engine to locate the web sites so that I could visit them in their full, un-enclosed beauty, using the Netscape or Explorer browsers.

These minor glitches weren't enough to distract me for long. I highly recommend this enjoyable book written in a conversational style. It's educational. It's fun. It's probably tax deductible.

Outdated and he's making money on old info, December 8, 2002
I was really excited about this book and was totally dissapointed. Much of the book is outdated on loading pics, etc-the Internet moves and changes at the speed of light. You can learn just as much on eBay's help (free). He's making money off eBay-by selling information that is free-that's the whole concept of the book. Don't sell a product unless it's information. No cost to you - it's basically how to sell/scam "information poor" folks. Do your homework on the Internet and save your money.

Very helpful!, July 18, 2001
I have sold on ebay for over a year now. I really thought this book was very interesting. I started reading it and just could not put it down until I read the whole thing. I picked up lots of helpful information. I am spreading the word.

confessions of internet junkie, October 16, 2001
I love this book and I am still reading it. I have learned alot from it. The only problem is I am very new to conputers and ebay so a lot of the terms I did not undestand. Since it assumes the reader knows what a url is or a pim or where the clipboard is
, But I was able to get help from a friend . The cd was great I now can put up a great html auction and when I emailed the author he was kind enough to reply . I am not sorry i bought this book and will refer to it often.

Definetly the Best Auction Book Out There, May 13, 2001
I just wanted to let you know, I found your book to be great. So great in fact, that it inspired me to start my own online store in a business I am knowledgeable in: Paintball. After reading your book about 5 times from cover to cover within the first week I got it, I then went on to do my own research. Here's what I found: 4 different online services that offer free online storefront. A 19.95/month merchant service with low rates A free online bank specializing in dealing with merchant accounts Excellent opportunity to make some cash! What I found (as you found out earlier) is that I can run multiple sites for free and easily. By making all the stores almost exactly the same and running them each into the same merchant service, bank, and e-mail addresses, I can effectively increase my visibility by 4 times with very little extra effort. So in conclusion, thanks. It has been valuable and I think I will do very well now. I'll report back in a few months or so and let you know since I owe the inspiration to you. I'm looking forward to being able to run a business out of my dorm room. (I'm a freshman in college!) Thanks!

Very Timely Material, May 13, 2001
"Confessions of an Internet Auction Junkie" is a very informative and handy book to own. The book demonstrates the author's firm grasp of selling on Internet auction sites such as eBay. How to information about the explosive on-line auction venue is badly needed and this book most certainly fits the bill. The book is informative, easy to read and complete. I especially appreciated the many screens shots of actual auctions that moves the subject beyond theory and into real life. The included CD has dozens of useful software and HTML templates to get you started. Interested in selling on eBay or any of the many auction sites? Then buy this book!

Best Internet Auction Book, May 12, 2001
"Confessions of an Internet Auction Junkie: How to Sell Virtually Anything on the Internet" is absolutely the best guide to Internet auction selling (and buying) that I've read. It is highly readable as well as entertaining, and provides the common sense, guidance, and ideas necessary to being successful in the online auction business. The CD-ROM supplies hands-on tools to help launch and successfully manage online auctions. This is one terrific book, and I highly recommend it to anyone in the online auction world, buyers and sellers alike. It has been an invaluable tool for me in starting and managing my online auctions. I just hope that not too many people buy this book and find out how easy it can be to make money in the online auction business. Or I'll end up with alot of competition!

Auction How-To, May 25, 2001
Clutter is my middle name. Yes, I give lots of stuff to the Salvation Army every year, but I knew that I had a lot of things that would be valuable to someone, if I only I could find those buyers...Enter the online auction sites. Being a neophyte, I needed help on how to market my "treasure", and I found the perfect teacher, that helped me turn dust-gathering stuff into money in my pocket. This book is an easy read, witty and clever, and clearly organized so you can find out what you need to know. For someone who is new to this like me, or has been doing it, but wants to do it better...This is the guide for you.

An informative book written by a great teacher!, September 18, 2001
Michael Weber is an effective teacher who makes the reader feel like they've known him for years. Rather than speaking down to his audience, he graciously shares his own experiences good and bad. Many technologically advanced persons lack the ability to teach. Michael Weber possesses both outstanding qualities.
This is a book that will not disappoint you!

Virtually Addicted!, May 21, 2001
For anyone who has things or can find things to sell and wants to make money, this book gives you all the info you need for doing so on the internet. Also gives insite to anyone who buys on internet auctions. The information you need is in a concise and organized format with lots of humor making it easy and enjoyable to read.

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