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Internet Travel Planner, 2nd: How to Plan Trips and Save Money Online

   by Michael Shapiro

    Globe Pequot
    01 September, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

"Excellent online travel planning tips and resources"
--Rick Steves, author, Europe Through the Back Door
"Nobody stays on top of the fast-changing world of Internet travel as well as Michael Shapiro."
--John Flinn, travel editor, San Francisco Chronicle
"Michael Shapiro is the ideal writer to guide readers through the world of Internet travel: Not only is he a seasoned technology reporter, but he's an enthusiastic international traveler. The book reveals these two strengths in every chapter."
-- Craig Stoltz, The Washington Post
"provides valuable guidance for those just learning how to research and plan trips on line. Also useful is a glossary of terms that too many computer experts wrongly assume we understand."
--Houston Chronicle, December 17, 2000
(praise for a previous edition)

"provides valuable guidance for those just learning how to research and plan trips on line. Also useful is a glossary of terms that too many computer experts wrongly assume we understand."
--Houston Chronicle, December 17, 2000
(praise for a previous edition)

Book Description
The Internet has thrown open the doors to travel resource channels that were once accessible only to professional travel agents. Airlines, hotels, and tour companies are all moving onto the World Wide Web as a way to connect directly with their customers. Through these websites, travelers can get personally involved in making their travel plans.
Discover the best insider tips for finding the great deals, learning more, choosing wisely, and saving money. This new edition is chock-full of information on the latest, hottest tips and the newest websites, plus all-new screen shots of the best Internet sites.
Readers can learn how to:
*Find the best travel bargains
*Take advantage of exclusive online deals
*Compare ticket prices and make reservations
*Check schedules for delays and changes
*Join online discussion forums to connect with others who have been there
*Plug into restaurant reviews, newspapers, and weather forecasts
*Stay connected while on the road
Packed with insider know-how, step-by-step instructions, and shrewd travel advice, this guidebook helps readers save both time and money by using the Internet to plan their next vacation or business trip.

Reader review(s):

Comprehensive Web Travel Guide, August 17, 2000
I found this book to be both informative and useful even though I had already used the internet for travel purposes. My husband found out about free email accounts and signed up for one within a few minutes (Chapter 14). After reading Shapiro's Internet Travel Planner, I realized that by booking airline tickets on line, I had only begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities for travel planning on line. What I found most useful for both `arm chair travel' and trip planning was Shapiro's chapter on discussion forums and bulletin boards. Search engines are great but I find the results to be catch as catch can. In Chapter 13 I got a clear sense of which sites were worth my time. Shapiro covers everything from frequent flyer miles to vacation package sites, from weather to medicine abroad. The book is easy to use-it offers an index and appendices that allow you to find websites quickly. Read this book even if you wouldn't book a flight or make a reservation on line. The web is too great and too vast a resource to skip and you'll be glad you have this guide as you surf.

The Right Place to Start, April 21, 2000
My favorite thing about this book is this. You've got a specific question on your mind about doing something travel-related on the Net. And then you just look in the table of contents, and I swear, Shapiro has covered it to some extent. Like, a dependable site for car rentals, or where to find opinions and reviews from other travelers, or getting train passes, dealing with frequent flier miles...and lots of other stuff.

This book isn't a list, or directory, of travel Web sites. Shapiro picked Web sites he considers to be the strongest ones for each topic. And he goes into the details of what to expect for each one. This helps you decide which site is best for your particular needs, for instance, whether you're seeking a last minute hotel bargain, a night in a B&B or a homestay.

This also means that he's willing to be critical. For example, right now Priceline is quite the rage. In the budget travel section he describes how to get the most out of it while also going over the unsexy fine print... that you can't pick an exact flight time, tickets are non-refundable and you don't earn frequent flier mileage. I don't know about you, but that's the info that nobody ever tells me.

A bonus is the First Person section of various chapters. Basically, Shapiro includes interviews, emails and other stories from folks who've used specific sites. You get to see what worked, what didn't and why -- all with opinions.

Hey all you AOL users: Shapiro's got you covered. In many sections he includes a blip, customized to you, that goes over how you use certain sites specifically on AOL.

I'd say that Internet Travel Planner is especially friendly for someone new to the Net. However, it's also helpful for folks who already know Web travel. I know a decent amount about various travel Web sites, yet I find that Shapiro highlights certain features I didn't realize existed in sites I thought I knew well. And on top of it all, you get some non-Net travel advice, like seven tips for finding cheap airline flights. The stuff you'd otherwise have to find out the hard way.

On top of it all, if you have questions or comments, he leaves his email in the introduction for you to contact him. Now that's service.

An indispensable aid for the dedicated traveler., April 5, 2000
Michael Shapiro's Internet Travel Planner isn't just another listing of Internet sites to be obsolete in a few months time: it provides some important tips linking travel to the Internet, from creating a custom guidebook to using the internet to see pictures of hotel rooms and connect with other travelers through travel chats and forums. And for those worrying about the book's longevity: free updates are offered online!

Internet Travel Planner Second Edition, October 25, 2002
For all of you web travel fans, the Second Edition of Internet
Travel Planner has been updated with the best and newest web travel sites. As a former travel industry employee, I find this is the most complete and easy-to-read internet book now that all the large travel suppliers and surviving internet travel businesses have improved their online booking sites.

Using Michael Shapiro's book as a guide, a newcomer to researching travel can click through a website with ease. An interesting new appendix was added on digital photography. Do any of us world travelers leave home without a camera! Of course we love finding a good discount and each chapter lists sites known for the best deals. Travel sales are still down and businesses are reducing prices or adding incentives to get customers. I would highly recommend buying the book for yourself or giving it as a gift for the holidays.

Locate the best travel bargains and save money, May 7, 2002
Learn how to save time and money through a guide which shows how to use the Internet to locate the best travel bargains and save money. Internet Travel Planner goes beyond pinpointing the latest sites: it tells how to join online discussion forums, how to gain access to newspapers and reviews, and how to use online resources to create your very own custom made traveler's guidebook.

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