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Resumes in Cyberspace: Your Complete Guide to a Computerized Job Search

   by Pat Criscito

    Barron's Educational Series
    01 January, 2001


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Editorial description(s):
Resumes in Cyberspace is a very reassuring book that doesn't take for granted that you know your way around cyberspace or a job search, yet it doesn't condescend. Pat Criscito has written a resource that is packed with helpful ideas and information that is usually gained the hard way--by not doing things right in the first place, and losing an opportunity to someone who does. The author covers topics such as designing a scannable and fax-favorable resume, which companies accept resumes online and how to approach them, and how to use online job banks and resume repositories. An extremely valuable ally for your next job search. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Book Description
Updated to help job seekers take full advantage of the latest Internet trends and technology, this new edition provides detailed instruction on designing a resume for computer networking. Readers will learn to make their resumes scannable and searchable through use of key words. They'll also find advice on using the World Wide Web and a variety of commercial online services to land a job. New in this edition is a chapter containing career resources on the web, and instructions for building a network of contacts using e-mail and newsgroups.

Reader review(s):

This book will help you get your resume noticed, February 6, 2000
This is a great book for those seeking jobs who would like to present their resumes on the Internet for prospective employers to view. There are sections on scannable, e-mailable resumes and creating an ASCII text file for a resume. The book has a large section on how to find jobs on the Internet. It shows a list of job-related newsgroups, and a job-related mailing list on the web. There is a 27 page list of companies that accept resumes at their Internet sites plus a four page list of Internet job banks and databases. There are 70 pages of career-related Internet site addresses. In fact this book is packed with a vast amount of Internet links making it the best book for anyone seeking information about resumes and job hunting in cyberspace.

Online Resumes Require Serious Offline Preparation!, June 13, 1998
There are a number of books on the market today that will help people write the "perfect" resume. There are fewer books on the market that will help you design resumes specifically for posting online. This is one of them. Pat Criscito offers a considerable amount of instruction on how to design resumes that can be easily posted and properly viewed online. There is more to preparing a resume for online use than may be apparent at first. This book leads the way!

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