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Internet for Windows 98 for Dummies

   by Margaret Levine Young / John R. Levine / Jordan M. Young / Carol Baroudi

    For Dummies
    05 June, 1998


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Editorial description(s):
So you've got this nifty new operating system and you know you want to surf the Net (even if you have only a vague idea of what that entails). The authors of The Internet for Windows 98 for Dummies start off running, giving you information about Internet terminology and some of the concepts surrounding the World Wide Web. They also tackle the hurdle of getting that first Internet connection "with software loaded, configuration configured, and modem modeming." This book shows you how to set up an e-mail account and check your mail, get started posting messages to Usenet newsgroups, and even set up your own home page. There's a section specifically designated to discussing AOL-based chats, and chapters on NetMeeting, FrontPage Express, and even--yes--Netscape Composer. The book wraps up with a FAQ session on topics such as "How Much Does It Cost to Be on the Internet?" and "Can People Steal Information from My Computer If I'm on the Internet?" A great introductory guide, The Internet for Windows 98 for Dummies explains all the basics in a playful, educational tone. --Jennifer Buckendorff

Book Info
Contains everything you need to know to take full advantage of the extensive Internet capabilities of Windows 98. Paper.

From the Back Cover
Free Internet for Windows 98 "Cheat Sheet" Inside!

Connect to the Net in a Flash with Windows 98! Did you know that all the programs you need to connect directly to the Internet from your desktop, send e-mail easily, conduct videoconferences, and create great Web pages are built right into Windows 98 Second Edition? With inimitable wit and straightforward style, this friendly guide tells you everything you need to know to take full advantage of the extensive Internet capabilities of Windows 98.

Inside, find helpful advice on how to:

About the Author
About the Authors Margaret Levine Young is the coauthor of many computer books, including Dummies 101®: The Internet For Windows® 95 and UNIX® For Dummies®, 3rd Edition. John Levine, an online guru, is an Internet newsgroup moderator, instructor, and the coauthor of The Internet For Dummies®, 5th Edition, and More Internet For Dummies®, 3rd Edition. Jordan Young is a teacher, an author, and a regular columnist about the Internet. Carol Baroudi, a freelance technical writer, has been explaining computers to neophytes for more than ten years. She is the coauthor of Internet Secrets® and E-Mail For Dummies®, 2nd Edition.

Book Description
At last, the world's most popular operating software now has everything you need to connect to the Internet and surf all four corners of the World Wide Web. With the release of Windows 98 comes a suite of programs designed to make life in cyberspace a safer and saner experience.

Still not sure just what all this Internet stuff is about? The Internet For Windows 98 For Dummies leads you step-by-step through these key elements of Windows 98 and the ever-expanding Internet:
With The Internet For Windows 98 For Dummies as your guide, your online experience can be fun instead of frustrating.

Reader review(s):

Good start for those who know nothing. Lots of tips., March 1, 1999
This is the 2nd "for dummies" book that I have purchased. (The 1st one was "MACs for Dummies" purchased in '93.) I found the book to be helpful.

It does lack a glossary though (BIG MISTAKE). There are plenty of terms that need to be in the glossary (e.g., internet, WEB, HTTP, HTML, ISP, POP, etc.). I had to look up things in the index then try to find a simple definition in the textbook. Remember, the reader is suppose to be new at this.

The text did not go into details about ISP. I had to find out the hard way why I couldn't assess my school's chat room while using AOL as my ISP. Seems that AOL bundle their services and offers their own version of a chat room. AOL's chat room will not interface with other chat rooms.

Lastly, I found the section "Whom to Call (and whom not to call) for support" a little thin. I had problems connecting on the internet and that section was not very helpful (Busy signals, error messages, etc.).

There are good things in the textbook. Issues of email privacy, credit card purchases, and searches proved to be valuable. I especially enjoyed the search section. I found Altavista seach engine very powerful. That is one of my favorites.

Book reviewed by A. Tom, Student, Pepperdine University

Very Useful, February 27, 2001
I read this book several years ago. This is a great book for someone wanting to get started using the internet. It covers getting connected to the net, e-mail, chatting, surfing, making web pages, on-line shopping, on-line etiquette, etc. It even has a summary list of useful web pages. All in all, it's an excellent book, easy to understand.

Enjoyable. Easy to read. Informative., May 31, 1999
It has the right amount of humor (and we need it for these computers) mixed with computer operation and technical terms.

I like the simple language in it!, March 23, 1999
I had the book no more than 5 minutes and I was able to do something I didn't know was possible....On page 167 it told how to set your browser history to 0 days.....AND I DID IT BY MYSELF!!!

Great Work, it is a very handy reference., February 12, 1999
It is down to earth and simple to understand. I reccommend it to friends who need help and have a copy next to my computer as a reference for when I need help.

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