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Internet Explorer 5 for Windows for Dummies

   by Lowe / Doug Lowe

    John Wiley & Sons
    01 March, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

Back Cover Copy
Covers Other Internet Explorer Tools -- Outlook Express, Microsoft Chat, and More!

Make Internet Explorer Travel Further, Faster ... and with Fewer Hassles! To get quickly and safely to your Web destination, you need (1) a good vehicle -- that's Internet Explorer 5 and (2) a good map -- that's Internet Explorer 5 For Windows® For Dummies®. Filled with practical advice and timesaving tips, this quintessential resource will help you travel farther and faster on the Web to discover new sites you never knew existed. Don't leave your home page without it!

Inside, find helpful advice on how to:

About the Author
Doug Lowe lives in sunny Fresno, California (where the motto is "At least it's a dry heat"), with his wife Debbie, daughters Rebecca, Sarah, and Bethany, and female golden retrievers Nutmeg and Ginger. He works full-time creating outstanding literary works, such as Internet Explorer 5 For Windows® For Dummies®, and wonders why he hasn't yet won a Pulitzer Prize or had one of his books made into a movie starring Harrison Ford so he can retire. Doug really thinks that Harrison Ford would be excellent as the Dummies Man and thinks that John Kilcullen's people should call Harrison's people real soon before someone else steals the idea.

In between writing computer books, which leaves about three free hours per month, Doug enjoys golfing and makes it a point to play at least once each decade. Hiking is also a favorite hobby, so much so that Doug really would like to write Backpacking For Dummies but hasn't had the time to write a proposal yet because these computer books just keep coming up. Maybe someday.

Book Description
Travel farther and faster -- with fewer hassles -- across the vast expanse of Cyberspace with Microsoft's newest contender on the browser scene: Internet Explorer 5. And you can find no better guide to the new features of IE 5 than Internet Explorer 5 For Windows For Dummies, the fast and friendly guide to all things IE.

Filled with practical advice and time-saving tips, this quintessential resource can help you discover new sites across the Web with astonishing ease. Find helpful advice on how to
Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer 5 For Windows For Dummies: Don't leave your home page without 'em.

Reader review(s):

IE 5 for dummies, October 28, 2000
Well, this book gave a great overview of IE 5 for beginners. And also explained the ins and outs of the web. Some more info on Outlook Express would have been useful as a companion email product.

This "Dummie" isn't so "dum" anymore!!, September 7, 2001
I can only say that if you have any questions about how Internet Explorer 5 or Outlook Express works, this is the book to buy!
It's index is in an easily identifiable format with cross references galore. Any 10 year old could easily understand the clear, consise, and detailed instructions, explanations and graphics but for those of us still intimidated by the Cyber world this book takes away the fear by giving step-by-step answers and I found the answers to all of my questions!!

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