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Internet Privacy for Dummies

   by John R. Levine / Ray Everett-Church / Gregg Stebben / David Lawrence

    For Dummies
    29 July, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

"...a great book…to the authors credit...very good stuff..." (Micro Mart, 28 September 2002)

"...a typically high quality guide...comprehensive..." (PC Plus, December 2002)

"…an entertaining and informative to me…(PC Utilities, December 2002)

Titles about online privacy walk a fine line between warning of very real risks and fostering hysteria about unlikely or impossible scenarios. Internet Privacy succeeds admirably. Its balanced tone and practical advice on the protecting yourself and your computer from Internet-borne threats, ranging from virus infection to identify theft, make it useful to beginning to intermediate computer folk. It also includes valuable tips on preserving offline electronic privacy, carrying these protective practices into daily activities. Naked comes from the opposite direction, teaching readers how and where to find personal information (from death records to credit records) online. This knowledge, however, can help them prevent others from finding and/or misusing their information, making this a valuable guide for both researchers and general readers. It highlights valuable legal uses of online pers onal information (including genealogical research and locating lost loved ones) while also addressing privacy concerns. Both are recommended for all public libraries. (Library Journal, February 2003)

"...a great the authors credit...very good stuff..." (Micro Mart, 28 September 2002)

"...a typically high quality guide...comprehensive..." (PC Plus, December 2002)

" entertaining and informative to me...(PC Utilities, December 2002)

From the Back Cover
Packed with strategies for foiling Internet information thieves

Safeguard your assets, your identity, and your life

Take charge of your privacy at home and at work - on the PC or the phone

Your personal information should be just that - personal. This friendly guide shows you how to avoid privacy problems online, with easy-to-follow advice on securing your PC connection, conducting safe transactions, stopping the "e-mail trail," and protecting yourself and your family against viruses, hackers, worms, and other cyberpests.

The Dummies Way

Get smart!

About the Author
John R. Levine is the author of UNIX For Dummies.

Ray Everett-Church is a respected speaker and consultant on Internet privacy.

Gregg Stebben, a former journalist, has appeared on CNN.

Book Description
Privacy issues come to the news every day. From big time break-ins to corporate and government computers to small time violations of e-mail or credit, there are real privacy concerns in this technology age. No worries! This book will show an individual Internet user all they need to know to help maintain personal privacy. Topics include securing a PC and Internet connection, knowing the risks of releasing personal information, cutting back on spam and other e-mail nuisances, and dealing with personal privacy away from the computer.

Reader review(s):

Fight Big Brother!, October 29, 2002
The Internet and the Information age has brought a new era of privacy, or lack there of. Identity theft is rampant and personal privacy is eroded in the name of ecommerce efficiency or "homeland" security. Internet Privacy for Dummies is an excellent text empowering the individual to fight big brother. What can you do to protect your privacy, in ten easy steps. What laws are on your side. And what forms can you fill out to vaporize that pesky telemarketer - all right there for your easy use. An excellent text - highly recommended.

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