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Visual InterDev¿ 6 Bible

   by Richard Mansfield / Debbie Revette

    01 June, 1998


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Walks you through all the stages of Web site creation from concept to scripting to deployment. Presents all the information you need to build Web sites on the cutting edge of technology. Paper. CD-ROM included.

About the Author
Richard Mansfield has written 25 computer books, 4 of which became bestsellers: Machine Language for Beginners, The Second Book of Machine Language, The Visual Guide to Visual Basic, and The Visual Basic Power Toolkit (with Evangelos Petroutsos). His most recent title is Hacker Attack. He has written columns and articles in computer magazines, but since 1991 he has focused full-time on writing books. Overall, his books have sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into 11 languages. But that's not the whole story. He's extraordinarily sedentary, preferring to sit and read, write, or program his computers instead of moving around. He realizes that all this goes against the popular health craze, but so far -- so good.

Debbie Revette has been involved with software development for more than 20 years as a consultant, programmer, and manager. In 1995, she was bitten by the WWW bug and is now focused exclusively on helping businesses use the Internet. Prior to that, she was Director of Product Development Management at a division of Dun & Bradstreet that produced a suite of OLAP tools marketed worldwide by Nielsen Marketing Research and IMS. She has designed and developed software for Hewlett-Packard,, Kraft Foods, Nielsen Media Research, ADP, Tymshare, and the US Department of Commerce's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory. Debbie holds a BS degree in Applied Math/Computer Science from Florida State University. She currently resides in San Francisco, California, with her husband, dog, and two birds.

Book Description
Leverage Visual InterDev's powerful collection of team-based RAD development tools and start implementing today's hottest Web technologies on your site. Visual InterDev 6 Bible guides you through the entire Web development cycle -- from mapping out your site to adding Dynamic HTML, ASP, Cascading Style Sheets, graphics, animation, and more. Loaded with expert advice, tips, tutorials, and examples, Visual InterDev 6 Bible is the perfect InterDev reference book.

The bonus CD-ROM features source code for all the examples in the book, an electronic version of Visual InterDev 6 Bible, a sample database, and a copy of Adobe Acrobat 3.01.

Reader review(s):

Not worth it - a real waste of time and money, September 15, 1999
This book was a complete waste of time and at the end of it I didn't feel like I knew even a small fraction of what interdev was about. All the book did was waste my time.

This book is difficult to search and unhelpful, August 5, 1999
I have used many books to help me learn and reference ASP and this one has by far been the worst. I would not even waste the time to order it. I am usually not this vocal about a bad book, but I would hate for others to waste their time trying to use this book as a Visual Interdev reference.

The book is not about Interdev, June 26, 1999
I bought the book to get a good reference on the use of Visual Interdev. The book has one short chapter on the tool and it is weak. The book tries to teach everything about developing web sites. It spends more time on Frontpage than VI. It really felt like the authors did not know VI and were just writing everything they could think of to fill up the book.

Waste of Time, Money, Embarrasing, July 19, 2000
Should have never been published.

Good beginners book but authors gave short-shift to DTC's., February 15, 1999
Working through the first few chapters was useful to get into Visual InterDev from a beginner's perspective. I skipped around once I got to the long section on FrontPage. The coverage of Design-Time controls is disappointing and lacks the in-depth detail that was present in the early chapters of this book. I used it with Visual InterDev from the Ground Up and the two compliment each other fairly well.

Save your money on this one., February 8, 1999
This book is not a Bible at all. It's a introduction for beginners to Visual Interdev at best. It hardly talked anything about Scripting Object Model or Design-Time Controls. Most other Interdev 6.0 books at least attempted on these topics. This book simply avoided these topics. In that sense it's merely teaching people to use Interdev 6.0 like Interdev 1.0, even beginners should probably avoid this one.

Do not buy this book., January 22, 1999
I have learned more about InterDev from an article in Web Tech magazine (distributed freely)than this 700 page book. The book goes blaa blaa wala wala about nothing important. All I need to know is how to create databases on sql, web projects and connect the two, other Db connectivity and the tricks to present Db output as I like. A section for trouble shooting would showoff the writers expertise, but may not for $49. Buy this book if you want to learn FrontPage, you'll find about 150 pages packed with info about FrontPage. Too bad the writer forgot he was writing for InterDev.

Not a thorough VI6 supplement!, January 12, 1999
This book is NOT the Bible for VI 6 - it is more about general web development. There is nothing about the scripting object model (other than one paragraph on page 564). I need a book to help explain how to use VI6, not how to create web sites. I'm sorry I spent the $$.

NEEDS AN UPDATE!!!!!, December 11, 1998
IMO the book is average at best.

It was obviously written based on an early beta version of the product. Examples, explanations and screen shots often did not match the product. Worse still some of the example code in the book is different than that on the CD.

I do not have a problem with early release books provided the publishers and authors provide on-line updates. Mansfield and Revette have failed to do so according to the IDG site.

Better to wait for a newer title.

Unquesionably the best, November 20, 1998
Far and away the best of the four books I have read on VI 6. Very comprehensive and a fantastic learning tool for beginners and experts alike

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