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RoboHELP 2000 Bible (with CD-ROM)

   by John Hedtke / Elisabeth Knottingham

    15 January, 2000


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Editorial description(s):
RoboHELP 2000 is the standard tool for developing help files for Microsoft Windows applications. RoboHELP 2000 Bible explains how to use RoboHELP's interface to develop electronic documentation in HTML Help, WinHelp, and other popular help-file formats. This book naturally serves to introduce its eponymous software and make its readers competent users of RoboHELP, but it also takes on the larger task of teaching readers something about the art and science of writing documentation. Authors John Hedtke and Elisabeth Knottingham thoroughly explain strategies for chunking information and presenting it effectively, showing how the RoboHELP environment fits with the larger goal of communicating facts.

Partially as a result of the authors' holistic approach, and partially because they like to explain concepts in patient detail, this book has more explanatory prose than a lot of others in the Bible series. Although sequences of steps appear when they contribute to the reader's understanding of RoboHELP and the documentation process, thankfully this book does not take an interface-centric approach, in which buttons and other interface elements are documented as they appear on the screen. The emphasis is on how to write good documentation and how RoboHELP's features can help you achieve that goal. The balance between RoboHELP documentation and discussions of larger processes is almost ideal. --David Wall

Topics covered: RoboHELP 2000 and the process of developing online documentation (help files) with it. The basics of text, graphics, hyperlinks, tables of contents, indices, context-sensitive help, and all other parts of RoboHELP's feature set are explained in terms of both traditional WinHelp and relatively new HTML Help formats.

Book Info
Offers explanations on everything from installing RoboHELP 2000 to creating many different types of online help systems, including WinHelp, HTML Help, WebHelp, and more. Softcover. DLC: RoboHELP (Computer file).

From the Back Cover
If RoboHelp 2000 can do it, you can do it too... Streamline your help project development using this essential guide endorsed by eHelp (formerly Blue Sky Software), the makers of RoboHelp. These pages offer explanations on everything from installing RoboHelp 2000 to creating many different types of online help systems, including WinHelp, HTML Help, WebHelp, and more. Plus, you'll get expert advice on maintaining your system once you've created it! Inside, you'll find complete coverage of RoboHelp 2000
Bonus CD-ROM RoboHelp Office 2000 Test Drive Evaluation Versions of JASC Media Center and Paint Shop Pro Shareware programs are fully functional, free trial versions of copyrighted programs. If you like particular programs, register with their authors for a nominal fee and receive licenses, enhanced versions, and technical support. Freeware programs are free, copyrighted games, applications, and utilities. You can copy them to as many PCs as you like--free--but they have no technical support. System Requirements: PC with a 486 or faster processor running Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0 and MS Word 95 or later; 16MB RAM; IE 3.02 or later; 40MB free hard disk space.

About the Author
About the Authors John Hedtke is an international award-winning author with over two decades in the software business, including five years as a programmer/analyst and seven years in technical publications management. He has done 21 books on a wide variety of topics, including two books on MP3 files and how to create and use them and two books on assorted Windows shareware programs. John has also written more than 60 software manuals and online help systems and has published dozens of articles in magazines such as Windows, Publish!, PC Magazine, and Accounting Technology. He has won 19 regional and international writing awards to date. John does frequent speaking appearances and occasionally consults on how to set up Technical Publications departments. John is also very active in the Society of Technical Communication, of which he is a senior member and Past President of the Puget Sound chapter. John attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, in the early 1970s. When not otherwise engaged at the computer, John cooks, plays the banjo, sings with The Washingtonians, and travels to other countries. John lives in Seattle with two large cats, pictures of which, along with a complete bibliography of books, articles, and awards, can be found at his Web site, Elisabeth Knottingham has a bachelor's degree in Physics and English from the University of Washington in Seattle. She was a contributing author on Peachtree Complete Business Toolkit, in which she described in detail how to design and maintain a Web site from the viewpoint of a novice Web user and designer. Elisabeth has also done HTML consulting and training seminars for several companies and organizations and has conducted seminars in basic, intermediate, and advanced HTML, Java, and CGI for technical communications specialists. Her most recent book is the best-selling Visio 2000: The Official Guide. Elisabeth lives in Seattle with her husband, Lonnie Foster. They have two cats, who are larger and smarter than John's cats.

Book Description
This guide, endorsed by eHelp, offers explanations on everything from installing RoboHELP 2000 to creating many different types of online help systems, including WinHelp, HTML Help, WebHelp, and more. You'll also get expert advice on maintaining your system once you've created it.

Reader review(s):

Robohelp 2000 Bible- A bit disappointing., September 24, 2000
Most of it covers Winhelp, rather than HTMLHelp and WebHelp which is more at the leading edge and where the excitement is.

Also this book has been much delayed. It is bizarre to publish it just a week before the next new version of RoboHelp (version 9) is launched, although, as it happens WinHelp is unchanged.

It is not really a bible, more just a competent user guide.

It would have been interesting to give warts and all information, for example how it compares against Forehelp which has less market share, probably because of less agressive marketing, but may be an easier and more feature rich product to use.

Robohelp 2000 Bible- Great Buy, August 25, 2000
I thought that this books was great and very informative.

An excellent reference, August 9, 2003
Robohelp is advertised as "easy to use", but nothing that produces useful help tools can really be "easy." A good reference is needed, and this book provides it. The intro part focuses on Winhelp, and the last half of the book focuses on HTMLhelp. There are many examples and tips throughout the book and I found my confidence growing in using Robohelp by having this book nearby. Probably nothing works as well as experience, but this is a book I would recommend to new writers working with Robohelp 2000 or 2002.

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