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eBay: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks

   by Julia Wilkinson

    29 March, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

“…good quality book at a reasonable price…” (PC How To, October 2004)

“…quick tips and insider information…” (PC Utilities, August 2004)

“…good quality book at a reasonable price…” (PC How To, October 2004)

“…quick tips and insider information…” (PC Utilities, August 2004)

From the Back Cover
You already know eBay® basics. Now you’d like to go beyond with shortcuts, tricks, and tips that let you work smarter and faster. And because you learn more easily when someone shows you how, this is the book for you. Inside, you’ll find clear, illustrated instructions for 100 tasks that reveal cool secrets, teach timesaving tricks, and explain great tips guaranteed to make your eBay® experience more productive.

About the Author
Julia Wilkinson is fortunate to have nice mail carriers, who put up with her many incoming and outgoing eBay packages. She is a writer with 15 years experience in online communities and Web content production. She worked for America Online (formerly Quantum Computer Services) from 1988–1997, and was Director of Community for from 1997–1999.
Julia is the author of My Life at AOL, Best Bang for Your Book and several ebooks about the online auction business, including What Sells on eBay for What. Her writing has appeared in various publications, including Reader’s Digest, The Washington Post, Virginia, and AuctionBytes Update. Julia publishes her own monthly newsletter, Yard Salers and eBayers. Julia holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia and lives in Virginia with her husband, children, their pet parakeets, Super and FluffPuff, and their fish, Scales.

Book Description
Providing adventurous users with 100 useful and surprising techniques, this book is the ideal resource to help readers become even more profitable users of eBay, the world's largest online marketplace.
Organized into ten chapters, with ten tasks per chapter, this book provides the timesaving tips, cool secrets, and insider tricks to help take readers' knowledge of eBay beyond the basics. Readers discover how to take better pictures to help sell items, write stellar marketing copy to get those items sold faster and decrease questions from bidders, and find out the best time to start and end an auction to guarantee success.

Reader review(s):

Experienced E-Bay Trading Assistant LOVES IT!!!, June 2, 2004
Yesterday, I picked this book up along with 5-6 other eBay books at my local bookstore. I started reading this book and I couldn't put it down! I spent 3 hours reading & taking notes, the other books couldn't even begin to compare! I just had to have it! It initially caught my eye, because it was so well formated with great graphics and an awesome layout, but it held my interest because it was chock full of great ideas and took me through every possible thing I could want to do with Ebay step by step! A beginner could pick it up and use it just as well as someone like me who has been using eBay for over 5 years. There is information for everyone! Today I used the information that I acquired from the book and have already saved several hours of work! I am so enthralled by this author that I have signed up for her monthly newsletter and am purchasing another book from her today. BUY THIS BOOK, you will not be disappointed! At only $13.99, it's a steal. I paid $19.99 and I have gotten 20 times my monies worth already!

Everything you ever wanted to know about eBay..., April 25, 2004
...but didn't know who to ask!

I always knew there were better ways to take advantage of the potential bargains on eBay, but I didn't know what they were. And I had no idea who to ask.

Julia Wilkinson's book is just the guide I needed to help me get the most out of eBay while wasting less time. She is a clear writer, and I've enjoyed her other books (her ebook, "Best Bang for Your Book," on marketing a book was really helpful.)

If you want to get more bang for your buck on eBay, and you have a life, you'll find this book helpful and fun to read.

Finally an eBay Book that is Actually Useful!!!!, August 10, 2004
Lets face it...most of those "helpful" eBay books are meant to make money for the author...nothing more. This book is an amazing contrast! The author actually knows what she is talking about. I am an old eBay pro but I have found this book to be helpful. And the beauty of this book is that it is organized in degrees of "difficulty". From easy to understand instructions for the newbie to more sopisticated info for the "pro". Take it from me, this book is worth the $$. Buy it and make more $$ on eBay!

Help with the Great Cyber Yard Sale, May 11, 2004
As an avid user of this global yard sale site I was anxious to get my hands on a copy of this book and it did not disappoint!

The format is very well laid out and the graphics were particularly helpful for us "visual" learners who like to see exactly how to utilize the tips.

This book covers the basics of getting around the site and also offers a lot of tips for the more advanced searchers and sellers. If you plan to spend any time on ebay, this is definitely worth checking out-

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