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Understanding Aviation Safety Data: Using the Internet and Other Sources to Analyze Air Travel Risk

   by Todd Curtis

    SAE International
    01 July, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

From Book News, Inc.
Shows how to analyze information from the world wide web and other sources to answer specific aviation safety questions. The author, a former Air Force flight test engineer, also provides advice on where to find the relevant data. Appendices answer common airline safety questions, and list recent fatal crashes.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

From the Author
The book is a practical instruction manual for obtaining and analyzing aviation safety data from the Internet, libraries, the U.S. government, and other sources that are open to the public. In addition to providing a systematic method for addressing aviation safety related questions, the book also provides numerous examples of questions that were addressed with this method using data from both the World Wide Web and traditional sources of aviation data.

About the Author
Dr. Todd Curtis was an airline safety analyst for the Boeing Company from 1991 to 2000. A 1981 graduate of Princeton, he also holds a doctorate in Risk Assessment from the Union Institute and two degrees from MIT: an MBA from the Sloan School of Management and a masters from the Technology and Policy Program. He is a private pilot and a registered professional engineer who, as a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators and Bird Strike Committee USA, has published and presented a number of technical papers in the areas of aviation risk assessment and bird strike hazards to aircraft. In addition, he has designed several aviation safety related Web sites, including

Book Description
Aviation safety is a subject of intense interest to the flying public and to those whose livelihoods depend on the air transportation industry. Round the clock television news channels and the rise of the World Wide Web as a communications medium has also led to unprecedented levels of media coverage of aviation safety issues, especially in the wake of a major airline accident. Partly in response this public interest, a number of government agencies and private organizations have used the World Wide Web to provide easy public access to vast amounts of aviation related information. However, much of it is unprocessed data concerning accidents and incidents, or background information about the air transportation system. While public access to this kind of data has never been greater, there has been little effort by the government or industry to provide the public with advice or guidance on how to comprehend or analyze this kind of data.

This book will fill part of that gap by providing the aviation professional and others interested in the analysis of aviation safety data with specific insights into how to systematically find, classify, and evaluate aviation data in order to answer specific questions about airline safety and operations. Using a combination of case studies and explicit step by step instructions, the reader will be provided with the following:

- An overview of fundamental concepts of risk and safety,
- An overview of how aviation safety data are collected and used for safety analysis,
- An overview of the role of the World Wide Web in providing access to aviation safety data,
- An overview of traditional sources of publicly accessible aviation safety data,
- A systematic processes for planning and executing aviation related data analyses,
- Examples of how that systematic process can be used to analyze aviation safety data from libraries, the World Wide Web, and other publicly accessible sources of data,
- Descriptions of sources of aviation safety data resources, and
- A glossary of aviation safety and Internet terms that are related to the analysis of aviation safety data.
This is a how-to book that will provide the reader with the basic tools necessary to ask specific aviation related questions and to find the relevant information needed to answer the question using the Internet, libraries, and other sources. The book will also provide an overview of some of the issues involved in analyzing aviation safety and operational data as well as a practical guide for using that information to answer specific questions about airline safety and airline operations. The advice, checklists, and analysis procedures described in the book rely on the use of reliable and authoritative aviation data commonly available through public libraries and some Web sites. Although the procedures and techniques described in the book are demonstrated using publicly available aviation data, they can also be applied to proprietary or other non-public aviation data.

The unique contribution of this book is that it provides insights and guidance that will allow an aviation professional or an interested lay person to combine information available through the World Wide Web with information from traditional sources of aviation data in order to address specific aviation safety questions. The book also provides the reader with detailed instructions on how to apply a systematic method for the entire process of planning and executing an analysis related to an aviation safety question.

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