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Linux Sendmail Administration (Craig Hunt Linux Library)

   by Craig Hunt

    Sybex Inc
    15 February, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

From Book News, Inc.
This book offers step-by-step instructions and standard and advanced techniques for installing, configuring, and maintaining Linux Sendmail, and illustrates techniques with many examples. Rather than being merely a reference to all of the Sendmail configuration options, the book provides insight into how real servers are actually configured. Material assumes an understanding of computers and IP networks, and of Linux system administration. Hunt is a TCP/IP and Linux expert who lectures at networking trade shows. He has written other books on Linux.Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Book Info
A guide to Sendmail for Linux, showing how to install, configure, and maintain Sendmail. Includes numerous illustrative examples and in-depth coverage of a number of topics, including understanding ruleset and using rewrite rules to modify addresses, controlling spam e-mail, using Sendmail cryptographic authentication techniques, and more. Softcover.

Book Description
Here's all the professional Linux administrator needs to know about Sendmail, the key mail server for Linux systems. Under the guidance of Linux expert Craig Hunt, you'll learn how to understand all Sendmail's fearsome complexities, master its arcane commands, and harness its power. Coverage includes configuring Sendmail, using Sendmail databases, achieving a secure system, and troubleshooting Sendmail in a Linux environment.

Reader review(s):

SUPERB! A must-have! More practical than "the bat", March 18, 2001
Based on the TOC, I've been anxiously awaiting this book (so I can figure out a bunch of sendmail problems I have). Well, it's even better than I anticipated! The initial chapters on concepts are clear; the discussion of the .cf is very useful & complete. In the real world env., I suspect this might even supplant the "bat" book! (agree? comments?)

Taught me more in five minutes than others did in hours, August 2, 2001
This book taught me more skimming it for five minutes in a bookstore than all of the hours that I have wasted not finding what I was looking for in the O'Reilly Sendmail book. I found it especially useful in explaining, in detail and with examples, the use of the various mapping tables in the newer Sendmail versions.

More examples, shorter explanations please, June 9, 2002
New to sendmail,I needed to set up an email gateway/relay for our network. This book seemed to be the best because it addresses later sendmail versions than the current batbook. The problem I have with sendmail in general is the mountain of information available without any good way to tie it all together. Deciding which information does or does not apply to my situation was the most difficult part. More examples of configurations would be helpful. With this book,other internet resources,trial and error, and enough time, you can eventually complete your project. Great book if you want to learn sendmail theory. Not so great if you want complete configuration examples or a quick "how to".

Beats the bat, March 10, 2002
Until the O'Reilly "Bat Book" is updated and expanded, this book should become the standard sendmail reference book, for linux as well as other unicies...

The information is cleanly laid out, explored and described. The author presents not only broad knowledge/information, but in depth experience with the MTA and related technologies.

I found this book quite helpfull when stuck with the minutia of a file, and the information in the beginning of the book in great for those new to sendmail and/or linux.

Good Book- Worth the Money, July 21, 2002
This reference does a good job detailing a difficult topic "Sendmail". I liked the background information alot and the author clearly seperates items that are of general interest, specific interest and advanced interest. This book helped me convert a 300 user system from mmdf to sendmail in a weekend. The only recommendation for this book and other Sendmail books I have is a better chapter/explainations on how to stop spam, check your system for spam etc. I had to go online for better spam blocking tricks.

--Matt Lewis

Excellent start to finish explanation, January 15, 2002
This book is excellent. It starts out with the concepts and architecture of email services and then goes step by step through the installation. Since the installation changed a bit after this book came out I recommend following the directions in the README file after downloading the sendmail tarball off of The book then goes into all the gory details of sendmail. I have looked all over the net and have yet to find a begin to end sendmail guide- this is what you want

Please more Hands-On and less blah blah, April 4, 2002
I was trying to find a book with clear instructions about how to configure sendmail under 7.2. Unfortunately this is the only book right now available in the market, and honestly I don't like it. I found more specific procedures on internet than in this book. For example, the Essencial Configuration section Part 2, should specifically indicate how to configure sendmail in order to make it work. Instead it wastes the time walking around one thousand things and not clearly. We need something more specific like Step 1 do this, Step 2, do this...., Usually the books after to complete a subject go over the details, that is better for the learning process.

Linux Sendmail Administration, June 26, 2004
Having read another popular sendmail book, made me wonder if I should try again. Sendmail is large complex program and can be very daunting.

Craig Hunt's Linux Sendmail Administration turned out to be quite refreshing. I'm no longer satisfied with just setting up the basic sendmail configuration. His easy to understand, easy to follow style had me tinkering at each step along the way. I was looking for a simple how-to guide to get my home office sendmail up and running. Instead I got much more - a very thorough understanding of how and why sendmail works the way it does.

Craig has a knack for reducing complex concepts into easily understandable lessons. Doing so, the subject matter is covered in depth, not watered down. Even difficult tasks like the m4 macro processor and rewriting rules are introduced in a straight forward useful manner.

An excellent book, I can't wait for my next installment from the Craig Hunt Linux series!

A great book for beginners, May 28, 2002
This book can really help to grap the basic understanding of sendmail very fast. It does not dicourage a person very new to sendmail. Really interesting and does not make u go to sleep.

Very well written book, October 19, 2001
The first half of the book has many useful information for beginners while the second half goes into details useful for more experienced users. I especially like the tables through out the book that nicely organize and explain the various commands, variables, names, etc.

I don't know when the "bat" will be updated, but this book will is hard to beat. It's easy to read and understand. Best of all, it's very well organized.

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