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CIW: Foundations Study Guide

   by Patrick T. Lane / William Sodeman / Emmett Dulaney

    Sybex Inc
    05 April, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

From the Back Cover
Here's the book you need to prepare for exam 1D0-410, CIW Foundations. This study guide provides:

In-depth coverage of official exam objective groups Hundreds of challenging review questions, in the book and on the CD Leading-edge exam preparation software, including a testing engine and electronic flashcards

Authoritative coverage of all exam topics, including: Networking fundamentals OSI reference model TCP/IP protocol suite HTML basics and web page authoring tools Multimedia and active web content Risk assessment and security E-commerce fundamentals

Featured on the CD The enclosed CD is packed with vital preparation tools and materials, beginning with the Sybex EdgeTest testing engine for the CIW Foundations exam. Loaded with hundreds of practice questions, the test engine lets you test yourself chapter by chapter or according to objective areas. You'll also find electronic flashcards for your PC and Palm handhelds, two bonus exams, and a fully searchable electronic version of the book.

About the Author
Patrick T. Lane is the Director of Courseware for He assisted in the creation of the CIW program and the i-Accelerate program for Intel, Novell, and Microsoft professionals. William Sodeman also helped develop the CIW certification program. He holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia. Emmett Dulaney is the author of more than 30 computer books. As the Director of Training for Mercury Technical Solutions, he specializes in certification (holding over a dozen certifications) and cross-platform integration.

Book Description
--Earn your CIW, the Industry standard for Internet certifications. --Based upon official CIW courseware, this Sybex Study Guide is your key to passing the CIW Foundations exam, 1D0-410! --The companion CD includes pre-assessment exams, bonus review questions, flashcards, sample adaptive questions, and a searchable electronic version of the book.

Reader review(s):

just as bad as the courseware, April 29, 2002
I'm a CIW instructor. I've been using Prosoft courseware in my classes for two years, and have never been pleased with it -- especially the Foundations courseware. This book is written by the same people and it's just as bad. Dry as a bone and full of inane information that none of my students have ever been asked on an exam. This biggest challenge on the Foundations exam for most of my students is the Networking Fundamentals portion and while this book does cover the needed material, it doesn't do a very good job of breaking down some of the most complicated concepts -- such as the OSI model. I encourage my students to get supplemental materials that enhance the material covered in the courseware -- not rehash it.

The problem is CIW. Forget the books and go with examprep, May 22, 2002
The problem I have with CIW is the certification itself was not developed based on industry standards for professionalism. The courseware is a poor way to prepare for the exam since the mapping is poor. This book is similar to the courseware. The CIW examcram is probably the best. If you want to pass the exam spend your money on the exam prep software which does a better job of covering exam items. I've used MeasureUp and it was quite good

Sybex has taken charge - - - again!, April 24, 2002
Prosoft CIW Foundation exam 1D0-410 is the foundation on which all other exams are built, you must pass this exam in order to take any others. Finally there is a book that covers all the objectives in an understandable and logical manner.

As you open the 700 page book you have an objective map right in front of you and this book will also help in the study for the INET+ exam. There are three parts to this book Internet Business, HTML and Networking fundamentals, each section makes sure the objective are taken care of.

There is very good coverage of TCP/IP and the OSI model as well as security and the e-commerce section is good but I think more information should have been included. I was impressed with the 128 pages of HTML, providing excellent examples and outstanding exercises.

Overall there are over 50 exercises and several real world scenarios and the review questions at the end of each chapter give a real challenge. As with most other Sybex books the cd has practice exams which can be taken by chapter or a full exam, also there is flash cards for the pc and palm and an e-book.

Overall a very likely candidate for use with the CIW Foundations exam - well done.

Best for the exam, November 30, 2003
This book was the most helpful of all the exam guides I tried. Even though I had taken the CIW Foundations course and had a textbook from that class, I was still having trouble grasping the wide variety of information this exam covers. This study guide most closely resembled the information and structure of my Foundations textbook but with some better explanations and more test questions to quiz myself.
After getting though this book, and taking a few sample exams online, I passed with a 100%.

Well crafted, April 26, 2002
At the beginning of each season, my wife and I close our eyes, open a catalog and stab blindly at a book to purchase and place on our coffee table. So it was that we came to chose this selection in hopes of impressing friends who stop over. And I must say, it was the best choice we've made in quite a while.

Immediately, guests started commenting on the beauty of the cover (the illustration of an ocean shore is not done justice in the small icon appearing on this page) and the craftsmanship of the spine. Until you hold this book in your hands, you'll never be able to appreciate the sublteness of the single green swish on a spine that is comprised mainly of black and red with a touch of white. It is breathtaking.

A handful have commented on elements such as the screen shots (which appear to have been captured with Jasc Paint Shop Pro and/or FullShot 99) and the font (which may be Bookman, but I can't attest to that for sure), but they are missing the big picture. This IS a beautiful book. It will look wonderful on your coffee table, headboard, or even bookcase. Highly recommended!

Good book for the test, January 25, 2003
I found this to be a good book to work with for the CIW Foundations exam. I used this book and the dummies book on the same subject. I purchased this book based on a friend's recommendation of Sybex and my using their book for my Network + exam last year.

This book filled out the information I had read in the dummies book in a well written, understandable format. The sample tests on the CD are mostly the questions from the book, but like all sybex titles I have seen, the 2 CD only tests were a good challenge to see exactly how much I really did understand.

If you are thinking of taking the CIW test, this is a good book to use as a resource.

Enough to pass the exam, July 13, 2004
I PASSED THE EXAM USING THIS BOOK! The exam is really not that hard, it only covered 40% what I had study for. I would spend more time on FQDN, network equip, network layers, IP address and classes.

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