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Linux Apache Web Server Administration, Second Edition (Craig Hunt Linux Library)

   by Charles Aulds

    Sybex Inc
    16 September, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
A complete, advanced guide to the Apache Web server, teaching all the standard and advanced techniques needed to administer Apache on a Linux box. Also shows how to extend apache with Perl and other scripting tools, how to easily troubleshoot problems, and how to meet security challenges head-on. Softcover. --This text refers to the

From the Back Cover
Authoratative Answers to All Your Apache Questions-Now Updated to Cover Apache 2.0

Linux Apache Web Server Administration is the most complete, most advanced guide to the Apache Web server you'll find anywhere. Written by a leading Apache expert-and now updated to cover Apache 2.0-this book teaches you, step-by-step, all the standard and advanced techniques you need to know to administer Apache on a Linux box. Hundreds of clear, consistent examples illustrate these techniques in detail-so you stay on track and accomplish all your goals. Coverage includes:

Compiling Apache from source code Creating and hosting virtual web sites Using Server-Side Includes to create Web pages with dynamic content Using Apache directives to configure your site Extending Apache using add-on modules Using the Common Gateway Interface for web programming Enhancing the performance of CGI programs with FastCGI and mod_perl Installing Apache support for PHP Extending Apache to run Java servlets or Java Server Pages Attaching Apache to a database server Using URL rewriting for increased request-handling flexibility Implementing user authentication Adding Secure Sockets Layer for enhanced system security Customizing Apache's log format

The Craig Hunt Linux Library The Craig Hunt Linux Library provides in-depth, advanced coverage of the key topics for Linux administrators. Topics include Samba, System Administration, DNS Server Administration, Network Servers, Security, and Sendmail. Each book in the series is either written by or meticulously reviewed by Craig Hunt to ensure the highest quality and most complete coverage for networking professionals working specifically in Linux environments.

Book Description
Apache continues to be the leading open source web server in the industry, and Sybex has the information you need with a revised edition of Linux Apache Web Server Administration, the book selected as one of "Top Five Linux Books" by Linux Online. Fully updated to cover the newest version of Apache, v. 2.0, as well as the latest Linux kernel, v. 2.4, and Red Hat 7.2, this second edition provides clearly written and focused explanations of the real-world issues that Apache administrators can expect to encounter on the job. The authors take you step-by-step through all the standard and advanced techniques you need to know to administer Apache on a Linux box, using dozens of clear, consistent examples to illustrate these techniques in detail-so you stay on track and accomplish all your goals. This book is part of the Craig Hunt Linux Library, which has earned the reputation as the most comprehensive, well-written, and appropriately targeted Linux series available.

Reader review(s):

Perhaps the "must buy" for Apache, October 18, 2001
Having spent a great deal of time wrestling with the more arcane aspects of administering a web server I've read way too much about the Apache server.

This may well be the one book written about Apache that turns into a must buy. It covers earlier in the learning curve and has much better prose than Kabir's "Apache Server Administrator's Handbook" and covers more than Laurie's "Apache: The Definitive Guide". While the sections on Perl, PHP and CGI are not extensive they cover all an Apache administrator needs to know to support the programming efforts of others. I found the sections on troubleshooting and security particularly useful.

I had already compiled Apache from source a number of times so cannot really tell how useful this section might be to the newcomer but it seems to cover everything you need to know to custom build your own httpd binary from source.

The section on configuring Apache is marvellous, I learn something from it every time I open it to assist in reconfiguring a server.

This book is well written, up to date, concise and authoratitive. It has good examples, good explanations and leaves out almost nothing. Everything a computer book should be. I feel that anyone who is starting down the Apache road should buy this book, any real need for earlier information is adequately addressed by the Apache manual while no other volume covers so much of the rest you need to know as well.

Apache and Linux: A match made in heaven..., February 2, 2001
except for the Admin (and well maybe not for Microsoft either

I own a number of books on Apache, have printed all the online documentation and regularly read a number of mailing lists devoted to the product. All told, I spent ALOT of time tracking down esoterica related to apache...

While this book is not *everything* you need to admin apache, it IS 95% of the battle. The information is presented clearly with many examples of code, configuration files, and pointers to more information.

By reading this book, and following the guides given, you should be able to have a working, high performance webserver customly cocnfigured for your individual needs, and more importantly... You will know how to support, troubleshoot, recompile and fine tune it as time goes on, for no software costs, licensing or fees, you have to love that :)

The sections on PHP, mod_perl, fastcgi, and other server side technologies are not very indepth, but they do fully explain the integration of these technologies from the apache server perspective.

I would place this on the "Must Buy" list for anyone who runs Apache, no matter which platform you are running Apache on.

Great for Apache configuration, January 7, 2001
Includes a handy chapter on HTML exchanges between server and browsers that will help sysadmins thrust into a Web server admin role.

The book is clearly and professionally written, and contains excellent descriptions of the various configuration directives, with special attention paid to configuring multiple virtual sites on a single server.

There is ample documentation on compiling Apache from source code. I'm sure that many new web administrators will not find this portion of the book necessary, given the now-ubiquitous availability of pre-compiled binaries in most Linux distributions, but it is nice to have the info as a reference.

My sole complaint, which I also have with the other two Apache manuals I have read to date, is that after the first few chapters the books tend to get mired down in a line-by-line explanation of configuration directives. It would be much more valuable to system administrators new to Apache to have a few more process-oriented chapters. In other words, chapters which read "If you want to achieve x outcome, set y and z directives in the following manner, and this is why it works that way" are much more valuable to the new Apache admin with limited time on his/her hands than the more general "This is what directives x, y, and z do."

Perhaps this complaint is really simply a problem with determining the target audience, which is spectacularly difficult to do online with these books, given the marketing hyperbole that serves as book descriptions - we'd all be better served by a Table of Contents on the description page.

In any case, I heartily recommend the book as a desk reference for Apache configuration, especially if you need to run multiple sites on a single server, with the proviso that new Apache admins should look elsewhere for a more basic manual as well.

excellent book, January 25, 2001
I bought 'Apache server bible', this book does not cover enough on Apache server. So, I bought another book 'Apache server administrator's handbook', I still was disappointed from what I can learn from the two books. I have had many questions unanswered for many months. Finally, this book resolves all my unanswered questions. This book can replace both the above two books plus more. I am so pleased that I read the right one now. If this book was published earlier, it would save me lots of time and money.

good but soon to be outdated, March 15, 2002
Everything you need to know about v.1.3, but with Apache 2.0 just around the corner (currently in beta), you might want to hold off until the 2nd edition. This edition touches very briefly on 2.0, providing a general overview of what to expect, but no meat. A lot remains the same, but some critical things are different, and clear documentation of the kind that this book provides for 1.3 is scant. Hopefully something will come out before too long fill the void.

Of course, Apache 1.x is no slouch, has the majority share of servers on the web currently, could be all you need and more. If you're inclined towards the tried, tested, and true, and shun the unproven, consider this a 5 star recommendation for an excellent book on an excellent, if somewhat venerable, web server.

Just what the Dr ordered!, January 6, 2001
If this book had included an electronic copy on CDROM, it would have been perfect! It is difficult to find an administration manual written for the network professional that covers the subjects in enough depth without making it impossible to grasp key concepts quickly. This book presents not only the operational knowlege needed but includes an inside front cover code listing table of contents making it easy to find those "how to" code examples we seldom use, but can never find when needed. The money and, more importantly, my time, spent on this book was well worth it.

Best Apache book I've found, December 20, 2001
Excellent instructions, and an amazing companion to the O' Reiley book. Takes the guesswork out of Linux Apache admin, and is a handy tool for any other Unix folks as well.

It's so nice to read a technical book that is accurate and in English not geek.

Good but should have been better, December 24, 2001
There is a lot of good information contained in this book just waiting to get out. Unfortunately, the poor chapter organisation and the abyssmal index makes finding the information you need (or trying to find it later) a frustrating experience. There's also a lot of padding with CGI and PHP scripts that didn't seem to serve any purpose unless you really wanted to learn how to program 'hello world'. Overall, it will teach you the gist of administrating an Apache Web Server, but I found it disappointing.

You Can't Go Wrong With This Book, July 21, 2001
You can't go wrong with this book if you need a reference book concerning Linux and Apache Web Server Administration.

Author Aulds has a way with words, and he makes the subject easy to digest mixed with a dose of magical clarity. He is up to date, and this book covers besides Perl and CGI, PHP. Good selection of examples which anyone can use in everyday Apache Web administration shows the author's vast experience which is tempered with an equal amount of theorectical expertise.

Highly recommended.

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