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Special Edition Using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

   by Robert Ferguson

    02 August, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

From Book News, Inc.
Overviews the features and benefits of the new SharePoint portal server from Microsoft, and discusses the requirements for capacity planning of sites, managing folders, and creating categories. The authorship team from Compaq Global Services explains how to customize the dashboard, create web parts using existing code, configure SPS to crawl other content sources, and manage an index. Examples are provided for deploying SharePoint in both a single business unit and a large enterprise.Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

From the Back Cover
Special Edition Using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server is a musthave reference on collaboration using Microsoft's document and collaboration server. The book helps advanced users and administrators understand collaboration, SPS's architecture, using SPS, and finally how to administer the server in their business setting. Topics covered include: defining collaboration, what SPS can do for you, planning backend infrastructure, planning for SPS security, and daily administration.

About the Author

Robert Ferguson has more than 15 years experience in the computer industry, having worked extensively with legacy technologies such as Banyan Vines, Novell NetWare, and Microsoft BackOffice. Robert is currently a Windows 2000 MCSE, NetWare MCNE, and a Compaq ASE, and works for Compaq Global Services as a client principal. His role at Compaq is to provide tip-of-the-spear technical sales expertise for professional services solutions for several of Compaq's largest accounts within North America. While Robert's focus is on delivering solutions across all Global Services practices, his core strength is with Microsoft-based technologies such as Windows 2000, Exchange 2000, and SharePoint Portal Server.

Robert also participated as part of a core team for authoring Que's Special Edition Using Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server (ISBN ). During the evenings and on weekends, Robert enjoys spending time with his soul mate (Wendy) and two children, Courtney and Michael. Whenever possible, his goal is to spend as much time as possible at the family lake house playing in the sun. From time to time, Robert also finds a moment or two to explore his new hobby, which is stock trending technical analysis. Robert can be reached at [email protected].

George W. Anderson, MCSE, PMP, MBA, is a senior enterprise project manager and technical consultant. George spends his time at work designing, deploying, and managing large enterprise integration, collaboration, eBusiness, and supply chain projects. Outside of work, George is an active member of his church, an avid guitarist, and an enthusiastic follower of emerging technologies. He may be reached at [email protected].

Jan Cirpka is a senior technology consultant within Compaq Global Services, designing collaborative solutions for more than a decade now. Within Compaq's Microsoft Business Solutions practice, these days he works extensively with Exchange 2000 and SharePoint Portal Server. Raised in Germany, Jan now lives happily in The Netherlands.

Reza Dianat is a technical consultant for Compaq Global Services.NET Solutions Practice who has deployed and implemented Microsoft SharePoint Portal solutions for many customers. For more than 18 years, he has been providing solutions for commercial and government sectors on IBM and Microsoft technologies. He is fascinated with and very optimistic about the future of Web Services and its impact on services and the software industry in general. He holds a master's degree in computer science from The Johns Hopkins University, and can be reached at [email protected].

Jennifer Heiliger is a senior program manager employed by Compaq Global Services, with a focus on designing and implementing deployment technologies and projects. She is a member of Compaq's Microsoft Windows and Messaging team, consulting with large enterprise customers to achieve success with their deployments and migrations. She currently resides in Houston, Texas. Richard Kuhlmann is the founder of an e-commerce company specializing in business-to-business needs. His IT career has developed from a variety of technical skills, including sales. A strong background in IT has allowed this lateral move, creating the opportunity for helping his customers' economic growth.

Jared Walker is a technology consultant within Compaq Global Services' Windows and Messaging Practice, and has been delivering IT services and solutions for more than 10 years. He earned an MBA in decision and information sciences from the University of Houston, and possesses numerous certifications, including his MCSE for Windows 2000. Born in California, Mr. Walker was raised in El Paso, Texas, and currently resides in Irving, Texas.

Book Description

Special Edition Using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server is a must-have reference on collaboration using Microsoft's document and collaboration server. The book helps advanced users and administrators understand collaboration, SPS's architecture, using SPS, and finally how to administer the server in their business setting. Topics covered include: defining collaboration, what SPS can do for you, planning back-end infrastructure, planning for SPS security, and daily administration.

Reader review(s):

Great SPS book, the only one I need in my library, January 28, 2003
I've read through a couple SPS books out there today, returned one, and only consider this one "keepable". It covers eveything I do as a Knowledge Consultant - design/architecture, deploying/setting up, training my users, managing changes, and so on. I can tell that the author has been through all of this many times over. Great job! I only wish a CD was included so I could easily search through the chapters.

Nice Job, but time for update soon, May 22, 2003
I'll keep this book, but think the author need to update it pretty soon. Very nice detail before and after installation, not like lot of books on the market for Sharepoint. Things are changing, but still worth getting for me at least.

Colorful and Informative, September 14, 2002
This book caught my attention fast because it's yellow (hence the 'colorful' part of this review). I was looking for a better SPS book than the one I bought earlier this year. Anyway, like everyone seems to point out, this is about as good as you'll get - there's not a lot of developer details, but there's plenty of good reading. I'd recommend it to anyone planning a deployment - the examples and checklists, etc. are perfect in this regard. And the way the book is laid out makes sense - easy stuff up front, good detail the rest of the way.

Great Resource, August 29, 2002
There are not many SharePoint books out there. Most of them are not that great. This is an excellent resource for SPS administrators or anybody planning a SharePoint deployment.

There are only about two chapters concerned with development for SharePoint, so if you are looking for API documentation, check out the SharePoint Resource Kit at

Great book for administrators, but..., September 13, 2002
This is a great book if you need guidance in installing, configuring and maintaining your Sharepoint Portal Server, however it only touches very briefly on any development techniques involving the Sharepoint APIs and writing any of your own custom code.

Compared to the other books on the market that deal with Sharepoint Portal, this is by far the closest one to what a developer would need, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. I am still waiting for that great Sharepoint technical reference manual that's made especially for developers. So far, none found.

Old Version, October 22, 2004
I was looking for a book on SharePoint 2003, Office 2003, etc but this book describes the earlier version of the software.

Still the best available for deploying SPS, October 6, 2004
While newer books are on the market, Fergusons's is still the one for planning and implementing an SPS deployment.

Valuable, November 28, 2003
I've been handed a Sharepoint project and picked up this wonderful and another older book. Between the two, I feel good about setting up and deploying SPS for piloting, though this book is more applicable to what I believe will be my challenges. And I'm thinking that the example chapters will be worth their weight in maybe not gold but at least floppies or PC cards.

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