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Special Edition Using Microsoft Commerce Server 2002

   by Don Jones / Mark D. Scott

    Pearson Education
    25 September, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author

Don Jones is the author of a rapidly growing collection of informationtechnology books, including Microsoft .NET E-Commerce Bible,E-Commerce for Dummies (co-authored with Mark Scott), and many others.Don has more than a decade of experience in the information technology industry,and can often be found sharing that experience as a speaker at nationaltechnical conferences. Don is also a contributing writer to Windows &.NET Server Magazine and other industry publications. In 2001, Don formedBrainCore.Net, LLC with Derek Melber and Jeremy Moskowitz. BrainCore.Netprovides reliable, accurate technical training and solutions that focus onMicrosoft technologies. Don lives in an RV with his partner and four ferrets,traveling around this wonderful country of ours. You can contact Don online at

Mark Scott is a senior consultant with RDA, a provider of advanced technology consulting services. In addition to his day job, designing and implementing multitier, data-centric applications, he has co-authored a number of books, including E-Commerce for Dummies (with Don Jones), Professional Data Warehousing with SQL Server 2000 and Analysis Services, ADO.Net, and others. He speaks regularly at national conferences and contributes to technical publications. He is an MCSE, MCSD, MCDBA, and MCT. When not buried in computers, he and his wife help pastor Faith Covenant Church in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. You can reach Mark at [email protected].

Book Description
Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 provides a platform for the rapid development of e-Commerce web sites. It integrates with a variety of Microsoft products and services to simplify and accelerate development and deployment. It also provides a rich environment for developing custom sites based of proven techniques and methodologies. Special Edition Using Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 provides a Fast Track for developing and deploying sites. Using the design patterns found in the sample sites and lessons learned from years of field experience, the book defines a path for mapping an e-commerce project.

Reader review(s):

Works fine for me., June 12, 2003
I bought this with some hesitation gvien the mixed reviews and wanted to leave my opinion. I thought the book was more task-based, so when I wanted to do certain things lik epersonalization, it was very easy to turn to the right chapters. I was not looking for an object reference, as the online help has that so why waste money buying it? I did think the examples could have been bigger, but our site is so specialized the examples might not have been helpful anyway. I thought the writing was very clear and I was able to better understand Commerce Server concepts, which I have been struggling with. So I guess if you want a book full of code, this one is not for you. If you want a book that explains how Commerce Server works and how you can use it, then this book is probably a good bet.

Good Technical Understanding, February 6, 2003
What I like most about this book is how it explains the underlying data structures and stored procedures that are used to develop Commerce Server 2002. I appreciate the fact that they go through each aspect of Commerce Server 2002 and explains it in enough detail that a good developer can further extend.

Probably, the only thing that I would have added to this book is a section on doing development within C2K2 with large teams. This section would talk about the relative difficulties of large team development with C2K2.

A second edition to this book would be a complete site using C2K2 with the type of extensions that most development teams will have to make.

The next edition could be something like "C2K2 by Example" or "The C2K2 Cookbook".

A fast read and packed with information., January 20, 2003
I had to write a comment and recommend this book. It is loaded with information about every detail of Commerce Server 2002, plus it's not presented in a way that makes it just an advertisement for Microsoft's Commerce Server. It gives excellent examples of what you should and should not do, and it doesn't leave anyone out (includes both .NET implementation and COM+/VS6 notes). The relaxed tone in the writing makes it a quick read and keeps it from getting too boring. Highly suggested book!!

This book lacks depth, January 15, 2003
This book was a nice overview of the product and its general capabilities. It lacks the depth in real world examples and particularly in the sample code area. Many times it is mentioned that the solution sites provided by Microsoft are not good designs for production, highly scaleable stores, yet most of the actual code samples are stripped straight from the solution site code. It would have been nice to see the author(s) invest some effort in writing some code themselves and showing alternatives to the methods Microsoft has already shown us. If you are looking for a book to help you build sites using Commerce Server 2002, skip this one.

A must read for Commerce Sever developers, January 15, 2003
I highly recommend this book for anyone developing or looking into developing E-Commerce sites. This book goes deeper than just echoing on-line help. As you read through the book it becomes obvious that the authors have practical real world experience using commerce server. The tips outline in the book will definitely go a long way in helping your project become successful.

Not the best book, the only book, April 1, 2003
I'm in the midst of an e-Commerce project using CS 2002. I've read the book and can't disagree more with previous reviews. Where are the references into what each system object's interfaces are? Where's an example that isn't just "starting with a solution site"?

The structure of the book is awkward, there is no introduction into the CS architecture with an explaination of the various objects. It is up to the reader to notice an object being used and to figure out it's interface from existing online documentation.

This book is little more than a rehash of the existing online documentation, just a little easier to sift through. If you are doing a CS2002 site, this is the book for you because it's the only book out there.

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