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eBay Motors the Smart Way: Selling and Buying Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Parts, Accessories, and Much More on the Web's #1 Auction Site

   by Joseph T. Sinclair / Don Spillane

    01 April, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

From Book News, Inc.
This guide to buying and selling cars and trucks on the eBay Internet auction site explains the process of putting a vehicle up for auction and how to place a bid on a vehicle, and cites resources for determining a vehicle's value and quality, arranging delivery, buying insurance and warranties, and taking photographs of the vehicle for sale.Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

About the Author
Joseph T. Sinclair (Vallejo, CA) is the author of eBay Business the Smart Way and eBay the Smart Way. Don Spillane (North Haven, CT) has successfully sold vehicles and collectibles on eBay, and has been recognized as one of the site's highest-volume sellers.

Book Description
In 2002, 300,000 vehicles with a total value of $3 billion were sold -- on one Web site. Is it any surprise the site is eBay? For buyers, sellers, dealers, and parts and accessories vendors, there's simply no other marketplace to match the huge selection, broad exposure, and ease of use that are eBay's hallmarks. eBay Motors the Smart Way offers sellers and dealers:

* strategies for setting and getting top price for any vehicle * techniques for creating attention-grabbing auction ads * new ways to add value with superior customer service * valuable tips for using auction management services and other time-saving resources * proven methods for maximizing reputation

Also a valuable tool for buyers, the book shows how to:

* determine a vehicle's value * how find great deals and bargains * arrange an inspection and run a "lemon check" * secure financing for an online vehicle purchase

eBay Motors the Smart Way offers valuable information for all readers on how to avoid fraud and scams, how to properly document your transactions, and how to conform to state vehicle laws -- even when transacting business over state lines.

From Mazerati to MoPed, Acura to Zamboni, if it runs on a motor, it'll take off on eBay!

Reader review(s):

Handy if you're ever inclined to buy or sell a vehicle , August 11, 2004
How can eBay Motors be used effectively to gain top dollar for a new or used vehicle, or how can a buyer be assured of getting the right deal through Ebay Motors? Buyers and sellers alike learn how to use eBay Motors most effectively, including tips on how to handle taxes, insurance, inspections, and lemon cars. Kee eBay Motors The Smart Way handy if you're ever inclined to buy or sell a vehicle via this method.

Very informative, March 28, 2004
I really enjoyed reading this book I hadn'd really thought about buying a used car you Ebay but I am now trying to find one close to me to buy.Anybody with a 56-58 VW on the east coast let me know

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