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The Internet Economy: Access, Taxes, and Market Structure

   by Alan E. Wiseman

    Brookings Institution Press
    November, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Alan E. Wiseman served as an economic research analyst at the Federal Trade Commission and is currently a doctoral candidate in political economics at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Book Description
In 1998, Internet-related industries created over a million jobs and generated more than $330 billion in revenue. As of December 1999, almost five million commercial websites had emerged, and that number was increasing at a rate of almost half a million per month. The explosive growth of the Internet economy has drastically changed the way commercial transactions are conducted, making anything from books to databases available at the click of a mouse. This book investigates the underlying economics of the Internet, focusing specifically on the pricing of access, the pricing of goods and services sold online, the relationship between network effects, technological innovation and business strategy, and the issues surrounding taxation of electronic commerce. Addressing the economic aspects of the Internet and electronic commerce as well as traditional pricing practices and market structure, this volume will serve as a roadmap for the current and future terrain of the Internet economy.

Reader review(s):

Quick Read & Good Overview, January 30, 2002
This book was a required book for a Class on the Internet Economy. It was a quick read that gave a good over of the topic. The professor has us read other sources online to supplement the book's content. With the fast pace of the Internet, it is kind of hard to write a book and have it stay relevant for any length of time. A few topics in the book seemed outdated, mostly because there was no way for the author to predict the effect of the fallout. Overall, it was a good book, and if you are required to read it, do so.

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