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The Library's Legal Answer Book

   by Mary Minow / Tomas A. Lipinski / Mary Minow

    American Library Association
    01 March, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

The authors, who both possess law degrees, bring their considerable expertise and library experience to bear in this troubleshooting legal guide for librarians and attorneys. Containing answers to more than 600 legal questions, the work tackles topics and concerns as diverse as copyright, Web page design, filters and other restrictions on Internet access, privacy, library spaces as "public forums," professional liability, ADA compliance, library employment, and lobbying by nonprofit organizations, foundations, associations, and others. The information is consistently clear, accessible, and well supported by notes at the end of each chapter. An index and the occasional case study enhance the guide's usability and thoroughness. A much-needed resource to help librarians maneuver the labyrinth of legal challenges facing them today. Highly recommended for all libraries. RBB
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Reader review(s):

A thoughtfully written and extensively researched account, April 18, 2003
The collaborative effort of Mary Minow (President of the California Association of Library Trustees and Commissioners) and Tomas A. Lipinski (Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Information Policy Research, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee's School of Information Studies), The Library's Legal Answer Book is a thoughtful and authoritative survey and analysis of the intersection of legal matters and library business. Ranging from adapting digital library resources to serve patients with disabilities, to issues of privacy and library records, to issues pertaining to library employment, The Library's Legal Answer Book is a thoughtfully written and extensively researched account, expertly created to give the reader a good grounding in background information about libraries and the law. No private, corporate, academic, or community library system should be without recourse to a copy of The Library's Legal Answer Book.

Clear, concise, essential, March 26, 2003
Minow and Lipinski have crafted a guide for librarians who need guidance in what might seem to be a hopeless quagmire of potential legal entangelements. Its organization is clear, and an excellent index provides good access to its contents. Most important, perhaps, is the clear and unintimidating style of the writing.
Some sections transcend the "library" in the title, and would be useful for anyone a) designing a website; b) working to provide access to resources for people with disabilities; or c) employing staff. Journalists covering library issues will find it to be a useful reference as well.

All you ever wanted to know..., February 27, 2003
Ms. Minow and Mr. Lipinski have written a very thorough, extremely readable volume on a tough topic--libraries and the law. In these times, both patrons and those active in the library world need to know the information in this book.
Written in an engaging question and answer format, the book is like reading newspaper questions to the editor with responses!
All of us fit in the patron and/or library world categories (right?) and, therefore, I highly recommend this book to everyone. As a person who falls into both categories, I learned a lot--and, with no pain! Five stars.

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