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Using the Internet to Strengthen Curriculum

   by Larry Lewin

    John Wiley & Sons
    01 October, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Today=s students literally grew up with the Internet. For too many students, though, the glowing computer screen in front of them is just another game platform, shopping mall, or telephone line. But teachers who can help students use the Internet as a learning tool will improve their instruction and their students= learning.

Using the Internet to Strengthen Curriculum is not a technical book; rather, it is a book about teaching. Its focus is on helping teachers learn how to bring the Internet=s World Wide Web into their classrooms and to encourage students to tap into this incredible informational resource. Using strategies provided by author Larry Lewin, teachers can help students

- Use search engines effectively. - Quickly find Web sites and understand their content. - Conduct sound research. - Think critically to learn independently. - Avoid plagiarism. - Construct presentations on what they have learned.

Through dozens of examples and strategies, such as the APre-Search, AWe Search,@ and AFree Search,@ this book serves as an invaluable reference tool for teachers, media specialists, and technology coordinators.

Reader review(s):

Enriched with dozens of examples and strategies, October 17, 2001
Using The Internet To Strengthen Curriculum is the perfect "how to" introduction for classroom instructors and school librarians in how to teach their students to effectively use Internet search engines, rapidly identify websites and evaluate their contents; conduct sound research on the Internet; think critically and learn independently; avoid plagiarism; and construct effective presentations on what they have learned through the means of their Internet activities. Larry Lewin's clear and straight forward text is thoroughly "reader friendly" and enriched with dozens of examples and strategies that educators and students will find simply invaluable.

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