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Ultimate Internet Terrorist : How Hackers, Geeks, And Phreaks Can Ruin Your Trip On The Information Superhighway . . . And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

   by Robert Merkle

    Paladin Press
    March, 1998


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
This is an owner's manual to the "Darkside" of the Web. Read it and weep. Then do what it takes to save yourself from becoming roadkill on the Highway to Hell.

Reader review(s):

Don't waste your money, December 31, 1999
If you are a novice and know little about the darkside of computers, this book might help you. On the other hand, if you look up hacking on the web, you will gain as much or probably more information than this book will give you. I didn't get anything out of this book that I've already knew. All that Robert Merkle does in the book was make fun of those who knew nothing on the subject, making fun of ignorance. He just brags on how smart he was. However, if he was truly smart, he would cut out the garbage and give the reader more information. Most of the information given in the book is based on common sense and very very beginning hacker information. Don't waste your time. I think I'm going to return this book. Don't waste your money people.

Don't bother., May 26, 1999
This book is not worth your money. Granted there is some information for the beginner, but everything else is the author showing off how smart he is.

Fascinatingly Vanguard!, January 27, 2000
I received this book as a gift and was shocked at how much info hackers can find out about users of the Web. This book is jammed with hard-to-find information and delivers the goods.

I would definitely recommend this book!

Full of scare tactics and misinformation, December 10, 2000
I had the misfortune of buying and reading this book for a course on Computer Security. If you're looking for the glance into the mind of a typical "3l33t h@x0r" you might find this interesting. If you're already familiar with the information security field you'll recognize that most of this book is at best very out of date, and at worst completely untrue. If you're not familiar with computers and the internet, please take this book with a HUGE grain of salt. It's meant to scare you, and if you let it, it will.

For $4 in the fiction section this might be a quick, fun read. For more than $10 it's really not worth it.

Eye Opening, May 1, 1999
You will be shocked to learn what can be learned from a simple email address, as well as many other things, such as self destruct codes for computers, etc. Very good book, worth much more than the $12 asking price.

This book ain't for you.....really, August 23, 2000
The book is a total waste of money, time and it will make you (that was my case) wish you didn't buy it. It just tell you things a really experience web sufer (not hackers) already know. He says some stuff that could be called hackers materials but it ain't that much as the title of the books makes you think. Anyway Robert Merkle, put another book that is called Internet Outlaw i guess that seems to be pretty good for those interested on hacking lessons...but the information that is on it will change soon so you better buy it now while it still been valuable.

Good but not grate, July 27, 2001
This book does a good job of telling the reader about problems they can have with their pcs, and how easy it is for people to take control of their pcs. However if you are a navice to the world of computers this book will make you wish you never buight a computer, on the other hand if you work in the IT feild this book to be basic.

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