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The Internet Strategy Handbook

   by Mary J. Cronin

    Harvard Business School Press
    15 January, 1996


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Editorial description(s):
Mary Cronin wrote the very first book about doing business on the Internet, and her latest contribution continues in her pioneering and practical efforts at explaining the net to practical-minded managers. This is a collection of ten essays written by information managers and consultants for information managers and consultants. Includes contributions from high level employees of Genentech, Dow Jones, Digital, and Lockheed, among other high-powered and effective users of information technologies.


The surge in stock prices of any company involved with the Internet in any way attests to its impact on the business world. For companies considering taking advantage of the Internet, Cronin, author of Doing Business on the Internet (1994), has gathered here 10 experts who report on their companies' successful experiences. Several of the companies, like DEC and Dow Jones, increased sales by developing products and services for use in accessing the Internet or by becoming a provider of information on the Internet. Other companies, like Lockheed Martin, Genentech, and Schlumberger, used the Internet for various business applications, such as recruitment, marketing, training, and research. Cronin includes a particularly useful chapter by Internet consultant Joel Maloff outlining a methodology for measuring the benefits and costs of connecting to the Internet. Appendixes include a chronology of the Internet's growth and highlight contributors' and their organizations' home pages. David Rouse --This text r" to the Hardcover edition.

From Book News, Inc.
Business practitioners with Internet experience, from companies including Lockheed Martin and Dow Jones, show how to devise an Internet strategy, and discuss issues such as cost-benefit analysis, staff training, and secure commercial transactions. Focus is on a real-world context that involves adapting to unfamiliar tools and moving froward in the face of internal constraints. For managers, executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and Internet business users. CiP shows wrong ISBN . Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Midwest Book Review
Cost analyses, tips on remaining competitive in the online world, and advice on integrating information resources are provided in The Internet Strategy Handbook, a strategy handbook for business-people which goes beyond your usual computer-oriented Internet handbook. Lessons culled from business experience are presented by a variety of key business writers who analyze what works, what needs improvement, and why.

Book Info
Presents cost-benefit analyses and discusses critical issues such as staff training and secure commercial transactions. Provides an insider's view of what it takes to maximize the extraordinary power for the Internet for competitive advantage. DLC: Business enterprises.

Book Description
The Internet Strategy Handbook is the first book to bring together the advice of managers who have spearheaded their company's Internet strategy. In close detail, 10 Internet pioneers, including managers from Dow Jones, Lockheed Martin, Genentech, and Digital, show exactly how their companies have profited from their Internet connections. They examine the strategic impact of the Internet and the World Wide Web on their corporate strategies, analyze both their successes and failures, present cost-benefit analyses, and review key issues and emerging trends in successful Internet implementation such as secure commercial transactions, staff training, and competitive advantage. Managers evaluating the potential of the Internet for the first time, executives seeking to gain more value from existing Internet connections, consultants, entrepreneurs, and all Internet business users will refer to The Internet Strategy Handbook again and again. Its mix of strategic thinking, implementation advice, and model corporate applications will remain relevant long after the current Internet technical guides have become obsolete. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Reader review(s):

Switchbusiness, May 23, 2001
Internet commerce makes or breaks a business depending on customer sensitivity, data privacy, the fit with business transaction systems already in place, good electronic work spaces and training programs, guaranteed delivery of goods and services, and transaction tracking. Mary J Cronin looks at net presences that have done well by accessing critical competitive and technical information, cutting costs, handling new marketing and sales demands, and increasing revenues and satisfaction among customers and employees. THE INTERNET STRATEGY HANDBOOK shows the successful information spread on the Internet by Dow Jones, Lockheed Martin, and Schlumberger; the successful net marketing by Digital Equipment Corporation and Millipor; and the successful research and development strategies by Genentech. Her book is a compelling read into all the possibilities with an Internet presence. It breaks ground with Simson Garfinkel's WEB SECURITY AND COMMERCE, Douglas Gerlach's THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO ONLINE INVESTING, Mellanie Hills' INTRANET BUSINESS STRATEGIES, Harris Kern's MANAGING THE NEW ENTERPRISE, and Don Tapscott's THE DIGITAL ECONOMY.

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