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The ABCs of Collecting Online

   by Ray Boileau / Carolyn Cook

  Mass Market Paperback:
    Hobby House Pr Inc
    20 February, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

From the Publisher
Ray Boileau is uniquely qualified to present this information in an easy-to-understand format, having spent 18 years buying and selling antiques and collectibles, 25 years working with computers, and possessing a working knowledge of journalism that began with editing his high school newspaper.

From the Author
My love of antiques started when my grandmother handed me three small yellow dishes and said simply "I want you to have these". She must have known something I didn't, because after researching them further I found them to be depression glass, and I was hooked. I currently manage two booths, one in Williamsburg, Virginia and one in Hancock, Maryland and, of course, sell on the Internet, with eBay being my personal favorite.

Book Description
This is the first book that explains in detail all of the necessary steps to find, buy and sell antiques and collectibles on the Internet. Topics include selecting the proper computer equipment and how much to pay, where to find Internet service providers and what questions to ask to make sure you're getting the best deal, step-by-step instructions for using eBay, digitizing and posting photos, and protecting yourself from fraud.

Reader review(s):

Should rename the title: "About computers and the Internet", October 31, 1999
I found this book very disappointing, and the title is misleading. I thought I was going to learn all about collecting online and finding, buying and selling collectibles and antiques. Instead, there is detailed blow by blow descriptions about computers, how to choose internet providers, internet language, etc. There are nice pictures of antiques and collectibles, but they don't pertain to the author's discussions, and I felt they were used as fillers and fluff just to get enough pages in the book. This book would be good for the complete novice who has NEVER touched a computer or the Internet.

I totally agree with the first reviewer, February 27, 2004
The book doesn't tell how to sell or make money like the cover implies,and the information is very basic at best,and is for a complete beginner at auctions and computer use

Good idea, but not enough went into it., September 16, 1999
I got the impression that the idea for this book came together too fast and it went out on the market not well researched enough. Instead of all the technical information, tell me where to go on the web to find collectibles. When I saw the title I had high hopes but it told me what I already know. The pictures were nice but low-quality resolution and really didn't add much to collecting online. Too costly for what it offers.

Back to the Drawing Board, September 9, 1999
In all of my 50 years I've never read a book that was so riddled with mistakes. Even an old guy like me can see that the author doesn't know HTML as the examples he gives don't work.

The title claims the book is about collecting online but the only subject covered in any detail are a few auction sites. The book has more fluff than anything else and no real examples of how to create an interesting auction on eBay or any other site. Of the 112 pages in the book, 63 of them are filled with pictures, most of which have no relevance to the book.

Disappointed!!!, September 26, 2004
Do not buy this book unless you are totally clueless about even how to turn a computer on. It wasn't what I thought it would be. Many of the web sites listed are no longer on the web and it is outdated. Most of the stuff in here you probably already know if you have spent any time on the internet. I could have written this book and done a better job. There is no real knowledge to gain from this book unless you have been living in a cave and you don't know what a computer is.

Great Book for the Basics of Online Auctions and Collecting, October 9, 1999
Advanced users might already know most of what is in this book, but for "newbies" like myself it is wonderful. It gave me the confidence I needed to start using online auctions, and I've found some nice Christmas gifts at good prices.

Very helpful, September 11, 1999
This book helped me get my part-time online business up and running. It is concise and informative. The HTML examples worked fine for me.

I liked this book better than others on the topic, August 24, 1999
I wasn't sure about buying this book because it had less pages than a competing book my friend showed me. Don't judge a book by it's page count! After borrowing my copy of The ABCs of Collecting Online my friend put away her "other book" and bought this one.

I learned so much from this book, May 5, 1999
I had already been using eBay for awhile and thought I knew it all. NOT! The tips in this book made what I already knew easier and showed me some brand new things that have saved me lots of time. Dealers take note-this is the book that you need to establish your business online.

Fabulous! The best online collecting book!!, May 4, 1999
This book is so straightforward and easy to understand. After reading it I thought I had been using the Internet to sell and buy for years! Every single page uncovers more interesting facts and explains exactly how you do it. You can't go wrong with this book.

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