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LAN, ATM, and LAN Emulation Technologies

   by Daniel Minoli / Anthony Alles

    Artech House Publishers
    January, 1997


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Editorial description(s):

Book News, Inc.
A technical examination of many recent LAN activities, including switched 10-Mbps Ethernet, switched token ring, full-duplex Ethernet, 100-Mbps Ethernet, switched 100-Mbps Ethernet, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)-based LANs at various speeds, virtual LANs, and emulated (ATM) LANs. The authors also address related issues, such as the quest for higher speeds to support new applications, routing, the support of native protocols, and corporate migration strategies. -- Copyright © 1999 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR All rights reserved

Book Info
Examines many of the recent LAN activities at the technical level, particularly with regard to ATM-based LANs, including LAN emulation and multiprotocol over ATM. DLC: Local area networks.

About the Author
Daniel Minoli, a well-known author in communications technology, has been a network consultant to Teleport, DVI Communications, and Bellcore. He is an adjunct professor at New York University and Stevens Institute of Technology. Anthony Alles is director of ATM Product Marketing at Cisco Systems, San Jose, California. He has a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering from the University of Western Australia, and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University.

Book Description
This book provides an introduction to the bewildering array of technology choices facing today's network planners. It surveys recent LAN developments, explaining how the technologies work, and why they may (or may not) represent cost-effective solutions for various businesses. In clear, down-to-earth language the authors discuss the pros and cons of LAN switching, virtual LANs, 100 Mbps LANs, routing, ATM LAN emulation, IP/multiple protocols over ATM, and much more. Complete with 60 illustrations, this book will be a valuable reference tool for evaluating competing vendors' claims.

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